An Unconventional Luxury Hotel in Egypt

Rachel Singh

Rachel Singh, Writer

Imagine rough luxury. By that, we mean a grand hotel but with none of the usual comforts.  There’s no front desk, no butler, no marble bathroom, no fluffy bathrobe, no food menu and no room service.  There’s not even a room key. Then go one step further: no electricity, hence no TV, phone charging, or even air conditioning.  And yes, there’s no WiFi so you can forget about checking email or Instagram.  This may not sound like your idea of posh, but this luxury hotel in Egypt may just change your mind about the definition of luxury.

A Desert Oasis

The unique hotel of Adrere Amellal is located a beautiful arid desert oasis. This is an adventure back in time. The hotel is set within a natural pool under lush palm trees, a large organic garden and a sandcastle by a lake.  In this luxury hotel in Egypt, there’s candlelight, time to think and time to breathe.  There’s also  lavish meal service on vintage silverware and plates, and bottomless champagne. It’s as good as a mirage, but it’s real.

Adrere Amellal, an eco-lodge in the Siwa Oasis brings unconventional luxury to its visitors that’s rare in this day and age. If you’ve been around the world and think you’ve seen it all, or if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this place is for you. The lodge proposes an off-the-beaten-path experience that’s powerful yet also slightly disorienting, but in a pleasant way.  Think of it as a next-level Cirque Gitane Burning Man Camp (maybe without all the hallucinogenic enhancements).

Visionary Mounir Neamatalla

Establishments like these only exist thanks to visionaries. Mounir Neamatalla, the owner, created this unique luxury hotel in Egypt in enchanting oasis. Adrere Amellal is about 50 kilometers east of the Libyan border. The hotel is only accessible via a checkpoint-filled 10-hour drive from Cairo.  Alternatively you can go by a private charter flight into a nearby military base.  Obviously we highly suggest the latter.

The Property

The 34-room luxury hotel in Egypt is built from clay and palm trunks. Adrere Amellal sits at the foot of a dramatic white limestone mountain facing a salt lake. The resort is managed by and employs only locals, so local craftsmanship is omnipresent in the furniture and minimalist decor.  You’ll have beautiful Berber-style carpets and salt stone vases and wares throughout, that give Adrere Amellal a unique feel.

Meals are prepared with organic fruits and vegetables from the lodge’s garden.  Additionally, with its remote location, breads are homemade, and all meat is locally sourced. Rumor has it that the gorgeous silverware is from old Nile cruise ships. Adrere Amellal’s superpower is in the details, exquisitely appointed rooms and service; this luxury hotel in Egypt is a fairytale.

Step Away from the Technology

In this luxury hotel in Egypt, the days are spent away from your computer.   Here, you enjoy long meals with friends in the palm grove and hot afternoons lounging by the pool.  Or you can swim in the salt lake or indulge in a mud bath. A car is always at your disposal should you want to venture out to discover the treasures of the surroundings.  Sites include the Old Mosque of Shali Fortress completed in 1203 and the Sahara desert dunes. There are also crystal clear salt baths whose color is a shocking contrast to the parched terra-cotta surroundings.

Desert Nightlife

The incredible mise-en-scène is a magical background for sophisticated yet playful evenings. Every night starts off with a cocktail followed by dinner in a different location. Sometimes you’re under the open sky, which guests discover by following a candlelit path. The rest of the evenings you spend dancing under the moonlight around the fire pit.  Or you can listen to traditional local live music performances.  If you value out-of-the-ordinary, authentic experiences, this unconventional luxury hotel in Egypt will certainly hold a special place in your heart.


Q: Where can one read up on the various rooms?

A: The rooms section of the hotel website has photos and pricing for the different options.

Q: What are some of the sites that guests can visit during their stay? 

A: Excursions include Cleopatra’s Water Spring, Fatnas Island, Jabal Dakrour, Bir Wahed, and more, which are all detailed on the excursions section of the hotel website.

Q: What are the signature dishes at Adrere Amellal? 

A: The signature dishes at the hotel are organic tomatoes stuffed with herb garden peas, hibiscus risotto, and date cigars.

Adrere Amellal Information

Address: Gaafar Mountain – Siwa, Matrouh Governorate 5010301, Egypt

Contact: [email protected]

Administrative office: 18 Mansour Mohamed Street, Zamalek 11211, Cairo, Egypt

Phone: +20 22736 7879


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