A Cool Hotel in Tbilisi

The Stamba

There are some places to stay that stand out from the pack. This hotel is off the beaten path, in the up-and-coming city of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (the country, not the peaches). The building is an old printing factory, which already gives it a leg up on cool. But then there are the 360-degree shower jets, which take it all to the next level.  While it’s not traditional luxury, it’s better.  The Stamba is hands down the best hotel in Tbilisi.


If you’re just digesting that Georgia is a country, not just a state with questionable voting rights, you’re not alone.  Georgia is part of the Caucus region, which includes Armenia, Azerbaijan and parts of Southern Russia.  Before you think that you don’t need this review of where to stay in Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi, check out the Top 22 Destinations of 2022.  Georgia and Armenia, as a combined trip, are firmly on that list.

Georgia is renowned for their food and above all hospitality.  They are also some of the oldest wine makers in the world, and the source of the latest trend in “orange wine”.  (Which is more technically correct to call it ember wine).  So for those travelers who are really in it to see this beautiful world, this is the review of the best place hotel in Tbilisi.  And you will need this review.

The best hotel in Tbilisi is also the coolest.  The Stamba is at the very end of the once posh Rustaveli Avenue, that is the main artery of the city.  On Rustaveli are the primary government buildings, National Museum and the Opera House.  However, the street the Stamba is on is gritty, industrial and exudes well, cool.  In other words, it’s the area that you want to be, and the people you want to watch.  If you were to compare it to a place, it’s a close cousin of Brooklyn, but much more refined.  The mere existence of the Stamba is an indication that Tbilisi is and will be one of the hotter destinations to travel for years to come.

The Rooms

The rooms are about 60% of the reason that the Stamba is the best hotel in Tbilisi.  There is no doubt that this is a design-focused hotel, from the moment you walk into the old printing factory from doors.  It’s ironic that the Stamba is a gathering place for the change-makers, VCs, entreneurs and artists.  The original building was a former Russian newspaper publishing house.  Oh, if Stalin (who by the way, was Georgian) could see the Stamba now.

There are five different room types at the Stamba, and what you choose depends on how eclectic an experience you would like.  Not everyone wants a big gold bathtub in the middle of the room like the Aviator Signature Room.  Some actually prefer that big gold tub on their terrace, like on the Signature Terrace Room.  To each his own; other rooms like the Aviator Room don’t have the gold tubs but are equally chic in design.  Each of the rooms is thoughtfully furnished with books, records, unique high-end furniture.  You feel at home, like you want to kick your shoes off and hang out for awhile.  Of note are the showers, some of which have 360 degree jets, that give you the most unique shower of your life.

The Food

If you’ve ever been to the Soho House, the restaurants at the Stamba are reminiscent of the simple, clean yet gourmet food.  The Stamba menus though are more comprehensive, with three different food venues.  The main restaurant has international cuisine and Georgian classics like elarji, which is a local polenta, and khachapuri.  Khachapuri is like a Georgian pizza, but much richer, flakier and with a unique often homemade cheese.  It’s so good you just gain five pounds thinking about it; check out our video day in the kitchen with the chefs at Chveni for the recipe.

For international tastes, there’s a ramen restaurant as well as a casual coffee shop and chocolaterie with homemade chocolates.  For beverages, there’s the Pink Bar, a bright cheery corner and the Lobby Bar, which is the exact opposite like a dimly lit speakeasy.

The common spaces wind around the building, where there is always someone hanging out. There’s a photography studio, outdoor ampitheater and library area.  Clearly, locals think the Stamba is the best hotel in Tbilisi as it’s a gathering place for Georgians, not just tourists.

The Service

Now while cool hotels don’t always equate to good service, the Stamba is the exception.  As cool as this place is, the service is just as good.  Everyone from housekeeping, bellman, door greeters, front desk and waitstaff could not be more genuinely gracious.  This isn’t Swiss hotel school standards but the natural hospitality of Georgians with an element of refinement shines through.

Overall:  8.5/10

Unless a new spot opens, the Stamba is the best hotel in Tbilisi.  This is a hotel that will leave an impression on you.


Q: When are the check-in and check-out times at the Stamba Hotel?

A: Check-in is at 2p.m., and check-out is at noon.

Q: When is the cafe open? 

A: Cafe Stamba’s hours are below.

Breakfast hours: Mon – Sun: 8a.m. – noon

Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 1p.m. – midnight

Q: When is the Lobby Bar open? 

A: The Lobby Bar is open 10-2a.m. Monday-Sunday.

Q: Does the Stamba Hotel offer free Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, guests have access to Wi-Fi at the hotel.

The Stamba Hotel Information

Address: 14, 0108 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone number:   +995 32 202 11 99


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