May is My Lucky Month

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There is something about the month of May that brings more than flowers into my life. I think most who of us who are on the path we want to be on recognize that there’s an element of luck involved. Yes, we make our luck to an extent, but when things fall almost magically into place, it’s pretty darned special.

Hello from Japan

I normally write my Founder’s Notes earlier than the day they are going to publish. However it’s been a blessing to be busier than I think I ever have been in my life. As I write I am looking out at Tokyo Tower from the brand new Janu hotel. In case you haven’t religiously read your Galavante Weekly, Janu is the new sibling hotel of Aman. They just opened their first location, of many in the pipeline, in Tokyo. Where Aman is about serenity, Janu is about bringing people together.

Like Gigi and Bella

Honestly though having spent time at both hotels on this trip, people are gathering at both spots. Simply put, they’re equally spectacular, sort of like Gigi and Bella Hadid. I would say that the Tokyo Aman is one of the most impressive and majestic of the locations I’ve been to in the world. And as for Janu, I see the hotel really leaning into its wellness aspect a la Six Senses as it grows into its footprint.

Janu is supposed to be the more fun, social sister of Aman, at a slightly gentler price point. However the rooms are just as nice as many of the Amans I’ve traveled to around the world. As for togetherness, I hope that means they do some fun sake tastings, sushi making classes and other fun activities that bring people together.

Drinking from the Firehose

There is something about May that has brought me much luck. It’s no coincidence that my Mom’s birthday is this month, and every year there’s serendipity that happens around this time. Some years it’s been a big windfall, where there have been some major milestones achieved. Other times it’s been a nice visit with my Mom and Dad for her birthday celebration, which at the end of the day, is what I’ll remember most. Even though 90% of it is the hard work I’ve put in, that last 10% of luck is what really has made the major strides in my goals.

We have a lot going on at Galavante, as well as for my passion project to create our travel show. Expect to see a lot more restaurant and hotel reviews, both by our Galavante Team, as well as you, our community of tastemakers. I have some big conferences I’m speaking at, and client meetings that will grow Galavante’s travel bookings business. Then of course, there’s the travel show, which is where my heart is as this world could use a little grace and understanding right now. No matter what the outcome of all of this is in May, I’m feeling pretty lucky, or maybe it’s just gratitude, for where life is at today.

Wishing you also a month of May that brings you more than just flowers.

Christine Drinan, Founder

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