Spring is in the Air

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There’s nothing like the first hints of spring to put you in a good mood. It’s like breathing in that fresh air gives you an invincibility to take on the world. That’s my current mood, as this year has been about just going for it. Whether it’s our Travel Reviews project, our TV show, or just continuing to travel the world, I’m making it happen. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you also have the power to achieve what you want in life.

New Travel Reviews on Galavante

We have been Beta testing our Travel Reviews, which is our curated place for you and our community to share recommendations and favorites. I’ll spare you the details of this past year and the blood, sweat, and sometimes tears, that have been involved with this project. With that said, we’re going to do a low-key launch of Travel Reviews in the next few weeks on the website. Like when we started Galavante over 12 years ago, it’s not going to be perfect. But sometimes you just have to jump with no net and know that it will all work itself out. So, if you are so inspired, we would love you to play around with Reviews. We are always open to all the constructive feedback you can give us as we refine. I continue to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I did want it built yesterday. It’s very exciting though as our community of travelers at Galavante is the best in the world. You always know best.

Recent Favorite NYC Meals

Between travels this year, I’ve been lucky to be home, where yes, New York City is still my favorite place in the world. The restaurants that we have are a big part of that reason. San Sabino was off the charts good, and while I didn’t agree with everything on the menu, I sure respected it. It’s been a while since we’ve had a restaurant that I would categorize as disruptive to the dining scene. It’s part of the Don Angie family. However, I love how this group continues to innovate and create unique concepts with each restaurant opening. They’re doing anything but dialing it in.

Also of note is Quique Crudo, which is maybe the best crudo and ceviche bar to open in my 24 years in the city. I was cool even staring at a plain subway-tiled wall, the food was so good. I am already plotting my return. With Travel Reviews launching, expect to see much more on NYC restaurants on Galavante. We take special requests too, so always reach out if you want us to check out a new spot for you at [email protected].

The Plan for Summer

I know we just started spring, but this year is flying. I am making my plans for summer, which means there’s going to be a slew of interesting places to hit Galavante. My travel show team recently met with Amazon, and their last question to me was what’s on my travel list? Naturally, I said Eritrea and Ethiopia, where Eritrea is one of the few countries in Africa with an Italian influence. There’s a direct flight from Milan to Asmara, so likely when I leave friends in Lake Como I’ll take a wander down. I also have Cape Verde on my list, which piqued my interest when I was in Senegal two years ago. So yes, I’ll continue to keep it interesting this summer, but also dream of a few days off at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, my happy place. I hope that on your summer travels, you are also at your happy places. Like we make it happen at work, it’s just as important to make it happen in our well-deserved time off.

All the Best,

Christine Drinan, Founder

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