Designer Surf Gear

Abigail Hanley

Cynthia Rowley Surf Gear

It’s always about looking the part, and there’s nothing wrong if that part is designer either. Especially when designers from Cynthia Rowley to Saint Laurent are schilling designer surf gear, from rash shirts to surfboards themselves. These pieces may even inspire you to learn how to surf. Or at least get on a paddle board. 

Cynthia Rowley

Well-known designer Cynthia Rowley has made a splash in the fashion world after releasing a line of surf wear. Her designs are bold and colorful, geared toward the surfer who wants to stand out. Some fan favorites include the Sunny Surfsuit and the Cruz Wetsuit. Rowley’s surf wear is chic and durable, so surfers can enjoy their sport worry-free, and look good while doing it. Cynthia Rowley surf wear is the choice for those looking for unique and feminine designs that are also functional.

Louis Vuitton

Looking for a designer surfboard to match your favorite handbag? You’re in luck. Louis Vuitton surfboards are now a reality. The brand offers trendy boards like the LV x YK and the Surf On The Beach Board. Both are made from fiberglass and resin, and will add a pop of color to any beach. Each board includes three custom made fins and Louis Vuitton’s signature on the back. For anyone who wants to stand out on the shores, you can never go wrong with Louis Vuitton.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent has decided to celebrate the sport by coming out with their own line of surfboards. The boards come in neutral colors like brown, tan and black. They are mainly made up of resin and offer plenty of stability to a surfer. Each board has a sleek, shiny finish. Saint Laurent boards are the choice for surfers who prefer a more subtle designer surf gear that is still definitively couture.



Chanel has gotten in on the designer surf gear action, debuting their very own surfboard. The board is hot pink, making it quite the show-stopper. In the past, paparazzi spotted celebrities like Gisele Bündchen surfing on Chanel boards, increasing the demand for them. Now, the bright pink fiberglass board is finally available for purchase. This board is the choice for the supermodel surfer looking to turn heads at the beach.

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