His & Hers & All Combos in Between

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Billy Reid Couples

Some couples are just in sync. Everyone does their part and there’s perfect peace and harmony. Like when your husband takes out the garbage because he really wants to, and not because you drew him a map to get there. Now, once that fantasy is over in your head, at least you and your sig other can complement each other outfit-wise.

James Perse

Let’s not pretend we’ve not stolen our partner’s tee shirts before. We obviously want to smell that cologne all day long, but there’s also something about the quality that just feels better than our own. To save the relationship, James Perse makes it possible for us to have that same quality he gets in a matching, feminine fit. James Perse has the his & hers combos that will have you looking like the androgynous it couple you’re secretly dying to be. If you subscribe to the all-black-everything vibe of NYC, you can find the perfect collection of layering pieces that play with texture and silhouette.

All Saints

The one thing besides a healthy relationship that will never go out of style is an All Saints biker jacket. In fact, the brand practically invented the upscale leather jacket. If you have one, you’ve had it for years. And there is nothing sexier than a His & Hers combo of expertly cut and everlasting jackets. And though All Saints does that thing that James Perse does where they have perfected the genderless high fashion look, there are pieces for the masculine and the feminine partners in the pair. Pop in before date night. You’ll find a range of timeless slinky dresses, and blazers tailored to a T.

Billy Reid

Quiet luxury looks better when you have his & hers combos. You obviously can’t be traveling with your leather duffel while your partner is using their Tumi. And when you arrive at your fav chalet, you need his and hers beanies for the slopes. In fact, a stellar capsule wardrobe you can count on for any occasion might just be the glue that long-lasting relationships require. And because it isn’t just Gen Z that likes to coordinate, Billy Reid makes effortless rugged-chic garments that take you from work to a walk with your dog. The brand knows that clothes need to withstand more than just a sit-down dinner. These are the pieces you can take with you anywhere.

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Q: Where should we shop for date night?

A: All Saints

Q: Where can we find matching fits?

A: James Perse has his and hers pieces that look very similar.

Q: Where should we shop before our Valentine’s Day getaway upstate?

A: Billy Reid has practical coordinating pieces.

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