Tom Brady’s Clothing Line

Joelle Mentis, Contributor

Tom Brady Clothing Line

We know you’re worried about Tom Brady being bored after his retirement, but, apparently, he’s keeping plenty busy. Tom and Gisele may be no longer, but in 10+ years married to a supermodel, Tom learned a thing or two about fashion. So the natural next step was for him to launch his own clothing line. And we have to say, Tom Brady’s clothing line is pretty good.


Between retiring, un-retiring, then retiring again, Tom Brady also launched a new menswear line. Now, we have to add fashion designer to the list of things Tom Brady is good at. After all, he probably picked up a thing or two from his model ex-wife, Gisele.

Tom has flirted with his style throughout his entire early life and football career. In the early 2000’s he was big on golf hats and pleated pants. Today, we might fondly look back on him as a Y2K style icon. Now, though, his taste is more refined — he and Gisele even co-chaired the Met Gala in 2017. If he has Anna Wintour on his side, he must have a fashion sense to pay attention to.


BRADY realizes the culmination of Tom’s fashion journey. Marrying athleisure with work wear, Tom created a “multifunctional” brand. That is, it takes the presumably athletic, career-forward men like himself from the office to the gym, then to golf, or drinks.

Though he has quite the product range, one could find themselves building a well-rounded capsule wardrobe from his collection. Basics like khakis, polos, and button-downs all pair well together. And the tracksuits come in similar hues as the more professional-passing garments. Hello, layering. After years of oversized trench coats and turtle necks, we think Tom might be looking for a simpler way to pull together outfits that will always look good. Not saying men can’t dress themselves — Tom definitely can — but his line suggests there might be a market for easy-to-wear clothes. Naturally, he built kind of the perfect brand for Father’s Day. He is, after all, a dad.

And of course, a Football star would not make regular clothes. The BRADY brand utilizes high-stretch fabrics and cuts that enable movement in all directions. The fabric is also breathable, anti-microbial, anti-odor, and does not shed microfibers when you wash it.

So, while celebrity brands are popping up all over the place, Tom Brady’s brand is unique because he is.

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