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Kristen Stewart

Joelle Mentis, Writer

Kristen Stewart

She’s an Oscar nominee. The face of Chanel. Confident enough to walk the Cannes red carpet barefoot. And just when we thought we couldn’t love her more, we found out that Kristen is an avid cook. She’s a girl after our own heart, who’ll eat caviar on pasta, or just right out of the tin. So of course, for vacation, we’ll have what Kristen’s having. Here’s where to vacation like this triple threat.

We’ve loved watching Kristen Stewart evolve as an actress through her roles in Twilight to Into the Wild to her most recent Oscar-winning performance as Princess Diana in Spencer. She works really hard, and she needs a break. Here’s where you’ll find her.

Fantasy Destination in the German Countryside

One of Kristen’s most noteworthy roles took her to Schlosshotel Kronberg, a German castle fit for a princess. We’re talking about the Princess of Wales, in fact, who she portrayed in the film Spencer. In true Princess Diana fashion (and due to the hours spent filming), Kristen enjoyed the royal grounds and beautiful landscape, and spent almost all of her time at the location. The best part is Schlosshotel Kronberg is also a hotel where tourists and celebrities alike can stay.

The castle’s 61 rooms and grand Prussian architecture reflect a commitment to stateliness — so it’s a perfect set for the Spencer film. The immaculate grounds are regal and authentic. This is because the castle is from a time well before the real Princess Diana came on the scene. The history lives on in a collection of priceless artwork and gilded decor. But The rooms have all been brought up to contemporary royal standards. What’s more, the 18-hole golf course, five-star spa, and multiple casual and fine-dining restaurants add an extra layer of appeal.

Kristen Stewart likely spent her time in the grand suite. The two-floor maisonette has separate living, sleeping, and eating areas, and is catered to by a dedicated staff. In a more unique touch, Schlosshotel Kronberg also has a personal florist who designs a special bouquet for each guest. We can only wonder what beautiful arrangement showed up at Kristen’s door.

Adventures in Albuquerque

Recently, while on the set the new film Love Lies Bleeding, Kristen had the chance to get to know Albuquerque, New Mexico. The film is a romantic thriller set in the competitive world of bodybuilding. While shooting, a lot of time was spent outside in the dusty heat. Luckily, there are a lot of places to cool off and relax in this cultural hub of the American Southwest.

When she wasn’t filming, Kristen was able to explore the city. For a cool-vibe wind-down, local pool hall Anodyne fit the bill. The nostalgia-grunge bar isn’t at the top of our high-end cocktail bar list, but that’s not what it’s always about. It’s low-key and a fun place to meet people from all walks of life. On the flip side is the Apothecary Lounge, a rooftop bar at the Hotel Parq Central that has stunning views. This is the spot in Albuquerque to see and be seen.

For a good post-set dinner, the choice is Farm and Table. The restaurant aims to reinvent farm fresh food with a focus on seasonality. It also holds fun events like community picnics and on-site meditation and yoga classes.


Schlosshotel Kronberg

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