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Alicia Vikander

Joelle Mentis, Writer

Some actors are naturally good at everything. Oscar winner Alicia Vikander just walks into a scene and it’s a good movie. Whether she’s in Tomb Raider, starring with Bradley Cooper in Burnt, or gracing a Louis Vuitton ad, she owns it. She has good taste in travel, too. Here are three spots Alicia vacations.

From Spain to Italy to Brazil, Alicia travels the classics. These three iconic escapes will satisfy your travel cravings anytime of year.

1. Formentera, Spain

While Alicia vacations in Ibiza like everyone else, the 30-year-old newlywed actually prefers Formentera, the wild isle’s relaxed little sister. The smallest of the Balearic Islands, Formentera has lower profile and takes a break from the endless hedonism. It’s beginning to challenge Ibiza in popularity, however, something Alicia will have to deal with, since it’s a place she likes to frequent — whether for a girls’ trip or a getaway with her boo. Beachfront restaurants, open-air markets, and crystal-clear waters make for a very easy escape that’s hard to resist. A rich, local presence gives way to a foodie culture where fresh Mediterranean seafood is abundant. And, unlike Ibiza, the family-owned restaurants are not jam-packed.

Oh, and did we mention Formentera is for yachters? Alicia can be seen off the coast, charting around the island, which has lots of inlets and coves to drop anchor. Also Ibiza and the uninhabited Espalmador are nearby stops. Whether Alicia is taking in the sights or sunning herself on deck, no doubt she’s having a good time in Spain.

Where to stay: Casbah Formentera

The Casbah is a local favorite. Rooms are simple but stylish. Small casas are shaded in a rich pine forest that comes right up to the hotel’s Mediterranean garden. The beach is not far, and the Casbah’s restaurant is a favorite across the island.

2. Bologna, Italy

Is there any place more romantic to honeymoon than in Italy? Bologna is an exceptionally idyllic city in the north of the country. After a tightly-sealed wedding ceremony in Ibiza, Alicia and her fellow movie star husband Michael Fassbender flew to Italy where they spent weeks traveling from city to city.

The city of Bologna was one of Alicia’s faves, including her time spent in the Quadrilatero, a warren of narrow streets where vendors and shopkeepers sell cured meats, cheeses, piled-high fruit, and much more. If you’re Alicia and Michael, it might be impossible to relax and enjoy the city. Fans spotted them and asked for many pictures, and the couple obliged. Regardless, they enjoyed the traditional bolognian aperitivo, or Italian happy hour, which occurs every day around 6 p.m. at the local bars and restaurants. We’ll take that any day.

Where to stay: Phi Hotel Bologna

The hotels where Alicia stays often have a reputation for their allure and eccentricity. While there may have been more elevated options, Phi Hotel Bologna has a historic charm that can’t quite be replicated outside of the city.

3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Before she was a missus,​ Alicia was an Oscar-bound Swedish girl. Of course, she decided to celebrate the win by flying out to Rio with her girlfriends. Sipping wine and puffing hand-rolled cigarettes, they took advantage of the endless sun to hang out on the beach and all over the city. Rio beckons with a young and cool crowd, and Alicia is just that.

People travel to Rio to party and play beach volleyball, as well as to hike the mountains and explore famous art museums. A trip to Rio can be as chill or active as you desire. For how Alicia vacations, soaking up the sun — and the love — was enough.

Picturesque shot of the beach, the sea and palm trees along the road 

Where to stay: Copacabana Palace

This hotel on Copacabana beach, part of the Belmond portfolio, is an ode to a glamorous age in Brazil’s history. The white walls, luxe pool, and vibey entertainment spaces bring together the coolest people in the city. But regardless, a view of the beach is really all anyone needs here.


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