Travel Like Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne

You loved her in Bridesmaids. She took down a frat in Neighbors. And she’s crushing it in Physical. Even if you think you don’t know her, she’s been in that one movie. And she’s brilliant. So we’ll have whatever Rose Byrne is having. Here are some top places to spot Rose on a well-deserved respite. But how to travel like Rose Byrne may take a little sleuthing.

Figuring out where Rose likes to go for a break isn’t an easy feat. Some celebrities get extra-popular by posting their travel pics on social media, or by getting papped while abroad. Rose is quite the opposite. And we respect her for it. With no Instagram profile or crazy tabloid presence, she keeps her travels under the radar. To travel like Rose Byrne means ditching the socials, which probably makes her locales even more alluring.

Family Travel Secrets

There are multiple reasons for Rose’s more subdued presence. First off, the wife and mother of two is very dedicated to her family and her craft. She spends most of the time bouncing between Australia, where’s she’s from, and New York, her home. She also doesn’t travel light: Her husband, comedian Bobby Cannavale, and young sons, Rafa and Rocco, usually accompany her. To travel like Rose Byrne, you take the whole gang.

But as anyone who often brings young children on a plane knows, family travel isn’t always easy. Being an A-list celebrity couple on a 24-hour flight between New York and Sydney, Australia, with anxious kids does something to sour frequent travel. In fact, she says flying home to Australia with toddlers is “just short of giving birth in terms of horror stories.”

But when she does make it down under, the hometown gal has the best recommendation for travelers with family. Ditch the kids for a while. One of her favorite places is Daintree Ecolodge in Queensland. Perhaps part of the appeal is that Rafa and Rocco get left with grandma whenever she visits. There is a no-children-under-six rule. And no one should feel guilty for leaving the kiddos at home. The rainforest spa on elevated boardwalks in the forest’s canopy isn’t friendly for little hands and feet. It’s also a tranquil haven designed to engage visitors in relaxing spa treatments and the silence of the surrounding forest.

It makes sense that a woman with responsibilities would find ultimate bliss at Daintree. Though the weather is always muggy, she loves to spend time by the private waterfall and in her own free-standing treehouse. To travel like Rose Byrne, you got to get off the grid and relax.

An Australian Backyard

Rose also knows the rest of the country. For Bobby’s recent stint on Nicole Kidman’s Nine Perfect Strangers, Rose and family spent time further up the coast in Byron Bay. The Aussie star loves being close to her family and feels happiest on a sandy beach.

As with Daintree, when mom can watch the kids, she and Bobby take some time together. They were photographed doing just that on Wategos beach during their most recent trip. Though there’s no shortage of beaches in Australia, many have dangerous surf, or are too remote or too crowded. Just less than a mile and a half from Byron Bay, Wategos is the opposite.

In Byron Bay, the award-winning Sunseeker is the best place to stay. The easy-going boutique hotel is the perfect mix of luxe and casual. Off the beaten path, it’s the perfect location to post up. Low-key interiors and exteriors are carefully designed to enhance the Byron Bay atmosphere and bring guests ultimate comfort. When traveling like Rose, you deserve celebrity-level accommodations. The Sunseeker treats all guests like royalty.

A Brooklyn Home Base

If we owned Bobby and Rose’s three-bedroom brownstone in Boerum Hill, we would probably also choose to stay there when in town. The light-filled renovated apartment neighbors other celebrity digs, like Keri Russell’s and Ethan Hawke’s. The quaint burg boasts 19th-century houses, indie bars, and cafés. It is the perfect respite for a celeb family that’s often on the move — and on the more private side.

Daintree Ecolodge

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