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Top Luxury Hotel Groups in the World

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

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You know a hotel is good when it inspires you to be a junkie. Wherever they open, you will travel, even if it means going to the ends of the earth. Because while your destination will change, you know they’re going to make it worth your while. So, these are the top luxury hotel groups in the world, because if they build it, you will come.

best new hotels 2022; aman

The Hotel Group: Aman


Aman pretty much invented the hotel Junkie category. As far as top luxury hotel groups in the world goes, Aman should get credit for taking luxury to the next level. There’s a peaceful and zen vibe that transcends all of their properties. This peace is the foundation to everything from the limited number of breathtaking rooms, to the 5-star food and amenities, to the spas reflect the stunning environments each hotel occupies.

Founded in 1988 by Adrian Zecha, the first hotel in Thailand set the stage for a brand committed to peace. Zecha wanted to blend luxury travel with a celebration of the cultures, places and peoples each hotel is situated in. Of their 34 locations, some have taken on all-star status. Amangiri in Utah is famously the backdrop for celebrity Instagram photos and is easily the best hotel in the U.S.

Notable Mentions: Aman New York, Amangiri, Aman Tokyo and Aman Venice

The Hotel Group: Singita


Some of the top luxury hotel groups are in Africa, because safari is one of the most luxurious trips you can take. Singita offers some of the best safari experiences in Africa that a traveler could hope to find. But beyond their incredibly consistent track record for incredible animal sightings, they bring forth a philosophy of ecotourism that blends luxury design with conservation.

Though founded in 1993, the story of Singita begins 100 years ago.  Founder, Luke Bailles’ father purchased land in what would become Sabi Sand game reserve. Today, the mission has spread across four countries in Africa, where private villas and lodges bring guests to remote corners of undeveloped lands. There, guests are immersed in some of the only places left where humans have limited impact on the ecosystem.

Singita Lebombo - Safari

Notable Mentions: Singita Lebombo, Faru Faru, Rwanda

The Hotel Group: Oetker


The Oetker properties are the most classic of the luxury hotel groups around the world. Oetker properties have that wow factor that draws guests time and time again. Hotel du Cap Eden Roc is the Mediterranean destination of artists, celebrities and generally fancy people for generations. Oetker’s acquisition in 1964 set the grounds for a portfolio of hotels that are some the historically significant properties in the world.

Officially established in 2008 by the Oetker family, founder, Rudolf August Oetker began collecting a portfolio of highly curated hotels in 1941. Today, 12 all-star hotels and 150 private villas smatter the globe with the most glamorous destinations to stay at. The ethos channels respect for guest desires and changing trends. Though the restaurants have menus, guests can make any special request. Moreover, conventional hours don’t apply to the amenities, as the hotels understand that not everyone follows the same schedules.

oetker capri

Notable Mentions: Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, Eden Rock St. Barths

The Hotel Group: Six Senses


The Six Senses is one of the top luxury hotel groups for wellness. In the age of greenwashing, truly ecologically friendly projects are hard to come by. Six Senses, however, means business. Backed by an impressive and detailed methodology, Six Senses resorts strive to do real good for the planet. The overall vibe blends wellness for the earth into wellness for the soul, with programs designed to enrich the senses — no pun intended — well after guests go home.

Founded in 1995 by Sonu and Eva Malstrom Shivdasani, Six Senses has rapidly gained a following of affluent wellness-seekers of all ages. Today, they have 24 locations across remote destinations.

Notable Mentions: Six Senses Thimpu Bhutan, Six Senses Kocates Mansions Istanbul, Six Senses Zighy Bay Oman

Bulgari Shanghai

The Hotel Group: Bulgari


Some hotels are for wellness seekers, some are for thrill seekers, and some are for those who drip in luxury. Owned by Marriot International, Bulgari Hotels derive inspiration from the eponymous jewelry brand founded in 1884 by Greek silversmith, Sotirio Bulgari. Arguing that luxury is not style, but lifestyle, the brand expanded to hotels in 2004 with their first location in Milan. At a Bulgari hotel, guests can epect that their every need will be taken care of, with attention to the Byzantine influence of the brands origin.

Notable Mentions: Paris, Dubai

The Hotel Group: Mandarin Oriental


Like the Four Seasons (which deserves an honorable mention), Mandarin Oriental has become one of the top hotel portfolios that you can always count on. Their sleek, modern aesthetic derives themes from their Hong Kong flagship, which was once the tallest building in the city. The development of the hotel group in 1963, the year The Mandarin was built, spurred a ferocious following which led them to grow up to 44 hotels in over 25 countries. Today, their hotels boast high caliber fashion shows. Michelin chefs, and an exclusive collection of private homes.

Notable Mentions: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, MO Dubai, Paris


The Hotel Group: Maybourne


Maybourne hotel group has under its portfolio some of the oldest and most high brow hotels in the world. Though founded in 2003, The Connaught, which was originally built in 1815 has a reputation as being the highest caliber of luxury, with an Aman spa and a Michelin starred restaurant. The six hotels in their portfolio are in London, the French Riviera, and Los Angeles.

Maybourne Riviera

Notable Mentions: Connaught and Claridge’s

The Hotel Group: Rosewood


Rosewood is one of the top luxury hotel groups in the world that creates a boutique hotel experience, even in larger properties. That personalization carries over to their 31 properties and counting in 18 countries around the world. If you feel like all the new luxury hotels opening lately are Rosewoods, it’s probably because they have 28+ new hotels in development.

The attention to detail and design is a foundation of Rosewood. Rooms are accessorized like a home, and in many cases, give you new home design goals. The Rosewood mini-bars have beautiful glassware and bar tools down to the knives to cut fresh lime and the cocktail stirrers. What’s also unique is that the decor has unique character that matches the destination; no two Rosewoods are alike. As for service, Rosewood classically trains their team, which means there’s an elegance throughout all the properties. So in the case of top service, all Rosewoods are alike.

Notable Mentions: Rosewood Phnom Penh + Rosewood Villa Magna

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Q: What hotels are part of the Maybourne group?

A:  The hotels that are part of the luxury hotel group the Maybourne include The Connaught, Claridges and the Maybourne Riviera.

Q: Why is Aman one of the top luxury hotel groups in the world?

A: Aman is one of the top luxury hotel groups in the world because of their service, architectural aesthetic and luxurious surroundings.

Q: Where are the Singita luxury hotels located?

A: Singita is one of the top luxury hotel groups in Africa, where their lodges are located in destinations like South Africa, Tanzania and Rwanda.

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