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Easter Island Fashion

Island Style
January 8, 2014

A voyage to Easter Island, 1,234 miles from anywhere, qualifies as a bucket list trip, so it’s only natural that you’d want to bring home a souvenir for bragging purposes. But much like the deal you closed to afford your adventure, scoring a replica of the famed moai requires strategic negotiation. Contrary to conventional bargaining wisdom, craftsmen selling the best moai generally aren’t motivated by money. Why? Because all native Rapa Nui are allotted land, and most of them have what they need to live. This is not a material culture either, so if you’re going in hard-line, chances are it won’t work. More successful moai transactions happen when you take an interest in their history andcraftsmanship, and build a relationship with the artisan. But if all else fails and your charm doesn’t land you a statue of your own, you can always opt for a tribal hami. It’s a traditional loincloth, for lack of a better description, that's still worn by men during festivals. It leaves very little to the imagination, and hey, sometimes a mental image is the best souvenir of all. One thing’s for sure: It’s guaranteed to be a hit at your next dinner party. For the best vendors and an inside scoop on buying a moai, check out our Easter Island feature.

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