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Alo Workout Gear

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Alo Yoga streetwear

There’s something about new clothes that gets you extra motivated to hit the gym. Lululemon once upon a time was the main game in town, but that’s no longer true. We predict Alo will dominate the fitness clothing arena, simply because their gear is just top quality. What we also like about Alo is that they’re not just some of the best designer workout clothes that feel good. You can wear Alo for more than the gym; they get you to look stylish from the gym to apres ski.

Designer Workout Clothes That Feel Good

The billion-dollar athleisure market generates everything from stretchy workwear to trending logo-ed tracksuits. Remaining cool isn’t as simple as coming up with the newest trend. In fact, if you ask us, there is one garment that will make or break a brand: Leggings. We know that leggings were your go-to during the pandemic. But nowadays leggings have been elevated to even look like formal work pants. Alo has taken designer workout clothes to the next level in recent years to a full-blown clothing line. You can wear Alo winter coats, sweaters, and gear, way beyond the gym.

The Foundation is Quality

Alo yoga entered the scene when Kendall and Gigi started getting pappparazzi’d in their sets post-pilates and juice sessions. Whether colored, flared, mismatched, or distressed, supermodels always seem to find themselves in leggings for a workout. And you’re out grabbing our smoothies after yoga living that life too, leggings are a staple.

Alo does two things really right that set them apart in the crowded field of designer workout clothes. First, they make top-quality clothing. The airbrushed fabric put them on the map, as pieces last forever looking new, and feel good on the skin. Somehow they stay supple after workouts and washes, and yet also hug your bod in all the right places. As compared to our old friend Lulu.. alo wins at longevity. Their fabric doesn’t spill, or lose shape.

Second, Alo’s designer workout clothes look and feel good on everyone. You don’t get that muffin top that other designer workout clothes give you. In fact, if anything they hold you in place and enhance your shape. Fitness is for all shapes and sizes. Right out of the gates, Alo created inclusion but also aspiration to get that yoga Zen from their photos.

Alo is a Lifestyle

Alo is on our list of designer workout clothes to get you back in the gym this new year. What we like about the evolution of Alo is that they’ve taken the legging and not just made it a piece that transitions from day to night. Instead, they’re now making more street clothes that aren’t just clothes for the gym. They’ve taken that same quality of the original yoga foundation pieces and brought it to a full-on clothing line. The style is still active wear, but now there are pants, sweaters, and even coats with that same quality. So yes, you’ll still slip into Alo for designer workout clothes, but here are a few of our favorite pieces for inside and outside of the gym this new year.

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