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Ralph Lauren for Rent

Joelle Mentis, Writer

It doesn’t get much more all-American than Ralph Lauren. His longevity has been predicated on staying true to his identity while still moving with the times. Enter in the new subscription clothing service that allows you to rent your dream wardrobe or keep forever pieces that you choose. Here’s the scoop.

The Details

Ralph Lauren for rent is simple. Stack your virtual closet and wait for your curated box of four items to arrive. Wear for as long as you want — a vacation, or more, and send back to receive your next box. And don’t worry, if you love an item, you can purchase it for a special members only price.

Why It Works

For better or worse, trends come and go. One trend we hope is here to stay is the new ability to rent out favorite pieces. None of us really wants to be purchasing designer pieces frequently, even if we want to be wearing them. The new Ralph Lauren for rent makes it easy to dress to impress at every event — even in a changing body, with limited closet space, and no stress if the dress doesn’t fit quite right.

Ralph Lauren for Rent enables members to pay $125 per month to have access to entire Ralph Lauren collections to peruse. Members are then able to curate a closet of 10+ items, of which they receive 4 items in a box. Due to product availability, the company chooses what will show up at your door, but if there’s something you simply can’t do without, you are able to prioritize first choices. Then, all you have to do is wear the pieces, love them, purchase them or return them with no extra hassle. Once you click ‘return’ on your member portal, RL will ship you a new box. For the items you send back, cleaning and drying is taken care of. It’s that easy. It’s also great for the environment, as you’re cutting down on the tossed items that don’t fit. And there’s no stress on you to sell an item you’re done with.

(We’ve clocked in a couple other sustainable brands to check out)

Always Innovating

There’s a reason Ralph Lauren has been at the top of the game for decades; it’s because his company innovates. Ralph Lauren for rent knows that you’ll probably fall in love with something at some point, however, which is actually great for you. Purchasing comes at a discount, and comes with the assuredness of an item’s success in your wardrobe. All in all, it’s a win.

At Galavante, we’re all about looking your best even in the midst of a pandemic. Ralph Lauren has consistently seen us from the office, to drinks and dinner with their clean lines and tailoring, and expertly designed basics. This season, we’re loving the layer-able sweaters and classic floral dresses. RL is also known for their sporty side which is perfect for these days where were unexpectedly pandemic-homebound.

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