The Holiday Gift Issue

Victoria Beckham Handbag on Model Holiday Gifts

You’ve not made your list, much less checked it twice. And it doesn’t matter if they’ve been naughty or nice. You have a boatload of people to buy gifts for as usual this year. So we have your inspiration, no matter who it is. Yes, even for that person who has everything. This is the ultimate holiday gift list and your go-to this season.

Best Holiday Travel-Inspired Gifts

The Gift: Simple Human Cleanstation

You do not want to know how dirty your phone is, which gets set everywhere from the subway to a restaurant table. The first thing  all of us should do when we come home from a trip or even from the grocery store, is sanitize our phones. Enter in Simple Human, which has an elegant solution in the form of their Cleanstation. It removes 99% of germs in 30 seconds, while looking stylish for your kitchen countertop, entryway or office.

Where to Buy It: Simple Human 

Cost: Around $200

The Gift: July Luggage

There’s nothing like big boxes under the tree, especially when they’re gifts that are both practical and beautiful. July luggage brings an array of color to your life with their line of bags, that are lifetime guaranteed. The price points are reasonable too, where you’re not going to be worried about losing your vintage Goyard steamer trunk (see below) on that Ryanair flight. July are the bags that you can take everywhere with you, while looking stylish.

Where to Buy It: 

Cost: Starting at $345

The Gift: Goyard Trunk

If you really want to blow out a gift, Goyard luggage is the way to go. The traditional trunks make for unique furniture accents throughout the house. Or if you want to travel with Goyard, they have trunk inspired suitcases that are perfect for a carry-on.

Where to Buy It: Goyard

Cost: Starting at $5,000

Best Holiday Hotel-Inspired Gifts

The Gift: Mandarin Oriental Bedding

We remember the first time we slept on the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s bed, and it was like floating on air. One of the best holiday gifts for preferably the person who sleeps next to you so you benefit too is the Mandarin Oriental bedding. You can buy that entire experience from the bed, featherbed, sheets and pillows directly from the Mandarin Oriental. This means that the best sleep of your life won’t just be when you travel, but everyday you’re home.

Where to Buy It: Mandarin Oriental 

Cost: Starting at around $400

The Gift: Blackberry Farms Relaxation Kit + Weekend at Blackberry Farms

One of the most thoughtful ways to present a weekend getaway is to have something special from the hotel. If Blackberry Farms is on someone’s wishlist this year, then say it with a relaxation kit. The kit previews your experience with a Blackberry Farm Soy Candle, Lavender Eye Mask and Bourbon & Lavender Body Butter and Lotion.

Where to Buy It: Blackberry Farms 

Cost: $175 for the kit and a little more for the days you’ll stay on the property

Best Holiday Sports-Themed Gifts

Staud Pickleball Gear

The fastest growing sport in the U.S. isn’t cricket or soccer. Instead, though we have no way of actually proving this, it’s said to be pickleball. We should have known that someone would come up with fashionable clothing for the occasion. Enter in Staud, which has a whole line of pickleball shoes, bags, paddles and athletic gear, which may just be the most fashionable on the market.

Where to Buy It: Staud

Cost: Starting at $95

4FRNT Skis

There’s no more optimal time to upgrade the avid skier’s or snowboarders equipment than during the holidays. So as far as the best holiday gifts go for skiers,  4FRNT skis are a cult brand no one will be upset about. The skis not only look good on the slopes but also as art in your office.

Bogner Ski Gear

No matter where you fall on the food chain, ski gear is expensive. So what better time of the year is there to splurge on small luxuries like ski accessories, to the full monty of ski gear? The answer is there’s no better time of year, and Bogner has gear for both your skiers and your snowboarders.

Where to Buy It: Bogner 

Cost: Starting at around $100


The Gift: The Shoreditch Shearling Coat

If you’re going to ski, you need a statement coat and the shearling coat is up to the task. Whether you go elegant statement or unique statement, Shoreditch has a variety of colors along with contrasting shearling like a red against a black leather. This isn’t just a fleeting trend either; these coats are made to last you as long as you decide they should be part of your wardrobe.

Where to Buy It: Shoreditch Ski Club

Cost: $1,995

Best Holiday Gifts for Travel Beauty

The Gift: Gwyneth’s Dry Skin Kit

No matter how much water you drink on the airplane, your skin needs some TLC during your flight. Goop has a dry skin kit with eye patches, face oil, lip balm and a fix and restore balm for your face to prep your skin the moment you sit down on the plane. For when you land or return home, there’s also a full-size body balm to get your skin back to soft and smooth.

Where to Buy It: Goop 

Cost: $364

Jade Gua Sha Stone by Danna Omari

We didn’t believe it when we saw Kaia Gerber demonstrating how to Gua Sha that a stone can really sculpt your face. But after 6 months our faces are more defined, chiseled and less bloated. The gua sha is a savior on the airplane, where once we have all of our facial moisturizers on it’s the next step of the plane regiment. You can get a decent gua sha for around $70 or so, but if you’re going to gift one, the jade stone by Danna Omari is a good splurge.

Where to Buy It: Noy Skincare 

Cost: $250

The Gift: Solowave Red Light Therapy Wand

One thing we can all agree on is that flying is tough on your skin. Yes you can be both dehydrated and inflamed at the same time, which usually happens on a long flight. Enter in the Solowave Red Light Therapy Wand, which is an essential travel companion. Use it in flight as well as right before you’re going to land, and you’ll leave your flight glowing.

Where to Buy It: Solowave 

Cost: $149

The Gift: Ilia Essentials Makeup Kit

We may have this on the list just because its box is so pretty. The second reason is that it’s a great value, where you get $152 of essentials for under $100. This natural line of cosmetics makes one of the best holiday gifts because it’s everything that you need. In the gift set you receive a mascara, blush, blush brush, and face serum for the quick touch ups when you get off a long flight.

Where to Buy It: Ilia Beauty

Cost: $98

Best Holiday Gifts for the Fashion + Fashionista

The Gift: Demellier London Vancouver x Kelsey Merritt Bag in Coffee Smooth

This is one of those bags that will inspire even a devotee of Hermes to deviate for travel and the everyday. Just ask former Victoria’s Secret Angel Kelsey Merritt, who we know loves her Hermes and Chanel. But she designed a bag with Demellier, aptly named the Kelsey that is a bag that takes you everywhere from Napa to Prague in style. It’s also a bag that won’t break the bank, and makes a perfect gift for your cousin, sister or friend.

Where to Buy It: Demellier 

Cost: $525

The Gift: Victoria Beckham Chain Bag

We don’t know how people aren’t shouting from the rooftops about a bag that disrupting how we carry our stuff. Victoria Beckham’s Chain Bag line has a unique hand handle, that literally makes it a handbag. That and with a variety of colors and styles, it’s a unique line that sets you apart from the usual designer suspects.

Where to Buy It: Neiman Marcus 

Cost: Starting at around $1,000

Best Holiday Gifts for the Home Chef

The Gift: Eleven Madison Home Chef’s Pantry Box

For your home chefs with mad skills, you can’t go wrong with the Eleven Madison Home Chef’s pantry box. The selection has unique staples that may not have you cooking at Eleven Madison, but will elevate your home dishes. Each pantry box includes:

  • Shio Kombu Sea Salt 3.0oz (110g) Contains: Gluten and Soy
  • Chili Crunch: Contains Peanuts 8.7oz (246g) Jar
  • Mellody Plant-Based Honey 8.7oz (246g) Jar
  • Corn Shoyu 10oz (283g) Bottle
  • Make It Hot 5oz (142g) Bottle
  • EMH Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3.38oz (100ml) Bottle

Where to Buy It: Eleven Madison 

Cost: $275

The Gift: Our Place Wonder Oven

For all those who wanted that Easy Bake Oven as a kid but never got one, the Our Place Wonder oven wants to take away all that childhood trauma. This is one of the best holiday gifts that benefits anyone coming over for a meal. Or even a frozen pizza. The Wonder Oven is called wonder because it’s a 6 in 1 oven that air fries, bakes, toasts, broils and pretty much does back flips.

Where to Buy It: Our Place 

Price: $195, currently $20 off

The Gift: Flamingo Estate Bonfire Deluxe Candle Set

A place that sells Lebron James’ honey from his garden, you know is in it for the love of the game. So when we were surfing all the exquisite yet expensive goods on Flamingo Estate, we came across a gift that the person who has everything, does not have. Flamingo Estate is selling a colossal box of the most fragrant hand-poured candles. Essentially it’s the epitome of custom made. The box is custom, the candles are custom and even the labels of each of the candles is – you guessed it – custom. If you love someone enough to send this, the owner will pretty much deliver it himself. Or at least have the concierge team figure out the logistics.

Where to Buy It:  Flamingo Estate 

Price: $1,500

family travel - maldives

Best Holiday Gifts for the Youngins’

Bentley Road Trip

The Gift: The Bentley Battery Powered Car

Your kid is going places, and if he or she is road tripping, it should be in a Bentley. This is the gift that only someone without children would think of, so calling all those aunts and uncles out there. It’s no surprise that you are the favorite when  you show up with gifts like this.

Where to Buy It: Amazon 

Cost: Around $160

The Gift: Printemped Mini Printer

This mini printer can be used for school projects and notes, along with creative art projects for fun. Either way it takes projects next level where the hand-held printer allows you to create stickers and is also portable for travel.

Where to Buy It: Printemped 

Cost: $134, currently on sale for $67

The Gift: Magic Pen

The moral of the story is that it’s good to shop on Instagram. This magic pen has a full setup of markers and a magic spoon. The way it works is you draw whatever design you want on the spoon with the special marker, then dip it in water. Your design slides right off and floats. You can then scoop it up and place it on a piece of art or even on your hand as a fun tattoo. Essentially you have yourself something to amuse the kids on vacation, that is not a screen.

Where to Buy It: Kiddies Create

Cost: $49.99; currently on sale for $24.99

Best Holiday Gifts for the Impossible to Buy For

Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Generative Ai

The Gift: The Paris Olympics with Ralph Lauren

The Olympics are this summer in Paris, and Ralph Lauren wants you to join him, literally, for the games. Your includes three nights at a Paris hotel, TBD, dinner for two at the elegant Ralph’s restaurant and a Ralph Lauren outfit to wear at dinner. From there you’ll head to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony with VIP seats. You’ll also receive tickets to two Olympic Games Paris 2024 events.

Other perks include access to the Team USA House—a gathering place VIPs. Your take homes will be merchandise signed by the Ralph Lauren Athlete Roster from the Olympic Games, plus Ralph Lauren X Team USA Villagewear capsule collection merchandise.

Where to Buy It: Neiman Marcus

Cost: $210,000

The Gift: A Week on Yacht H

You look good in the South of France. You had that night in Ibiza that was one of your most epic. And this year, everyone is in Marbella, so you want to make sure to stop by. You may not show up on Jeff Bezos’ yacht, but you can roll up on Yacht H, a 140 footer that’s a beauty for your entourage of 10. With 5 cabins, this modern yacht is your ride to make it all happen next summer.

yacht h

Where to Buy It: [email protected]; as usual we’ll hook you up.

Cost: Inquire within for dates

The Gift: A Week at the James Perse Villa

If there’s one thing the Kardashians know how to do nowadays, it’s vacation in style. For those who don’t know, this is the villa that was recently featured on their trip to Mexico in the latest Kardashian reality show. The James Perse villa, formally known as Greyscape is in  Cabos San Lucas . We’ve seen a lot of baller villas, but this one just may be the best. There are no crystal chandeliers or velvet opulence, and that’s exactly why we like this contemporary and serene villa.

Where to Buy It: [email protected]; you know that we only know the best

Cost: Please inquire for dates

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