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Out of Africa
November 25, 2013
By , Galavante Contributor

Ava Gardner’s “Honey Bear” Kelly used her womanly wiles to capture the heart of Clark Gable’s Victor Marswell in the classic film Mogambo. And while we love her for that, when it comes to a ten-day trek through Kenya, long lashes and high heels will not get you far. Weather that runs the gamut from wet and cold to sweltering and dusty – not to mention mosquitoes galore – calls for natural, neutral, lightweight layers. And since you’ll likely be bumping around in a four-wheel drive by day and sharing a four-course meal with your fellow travelers by night, versatility is key. So along with your DEET-based bug repellent, be sure to pack polar fleece, a waterproof jacket with lots of pockets, plenty of scarves, and comfortable thick-soled boots. Zeiss binoculars are a must. When you’re going for an Out of Africa moment, tried and true brands with outdoor cachet are the name of the game. For more on glamping in Kenya, check out our Kenyan Flying Safari feature.

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