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The Oscars Menu

Congratulations to Spike Lee, this year’s Directors Guild honoree. It’s the lifetime achievement prize, and he deserves it. You can be sure he’ll continue to celebrate at the Oscars this weekend, at the Governor’s Ball, where Wolfgang Puck will once again be pulling out all the stops. We mean, there’s 200+ pounds of caviar on the menu. This is as decadent as it gets.

About Wolfgang Puck

Woflgang Puck learned to cook from his mother, who was a pastry chef in his home country of Austria. He went on to apprentice under French chef Raymond Thuilier in L’Oustau de Baumanière in the Provence, a legendary restaurant of international fame. Puck then worked at the famous Maxim’s in Paris and at the Hôtel de Paris is Monte Carlo, Monaco. Now the chef and his Wolfgang Puck empire have 29 restaurants, a cookware brand, a wine label, and a number of cookbooks. With all this success, he is the obvious choice for an event like the Oscars afterparty. He and his team have been running the Governor’s Ball for 25 years, meaning they know the stars’ culinary tastes and habits better than anyone.

Brad Pitt’s Favorite Oscar Menu Dish

Last year, the Governor’s Ball hosted a whopping 1,500 guests, all invite-only. Similarly to last year’s menu, 70 percent of the menu is plant-based this time around, and much of the rest is vegetarian and gluten free. Caviar is a staple. The Oscars menu item that is always in high demand is the baked potato with caviar. Brad Pitt told Puck that the baked potato with caviar was one of his favorites on the menu. Puck and his team use over 33 pounds of caviar for their dish. Luckily for caviar lovers dining at home, two to three ounces should just about do the trick.

Get The Dish

Here’s the dish on the Baked Potato with Caviar. This dish serves 6.


12 mini potatoes
Olive oil
Crème fraîche
Edible gold foil


First, pop your mini potatoes in the oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes. When they look cooked to your liking, allow them to cool off before beginning the gilding process. Take a small clean paintbrush and apply a thin layer of water to the outside of the potatoes. Then apply the gold foil, being careful to touch it as little as possible. Then cut each potato in a cross shape, creating a well where the caviar can sit. Finally, add a drop of crème fraîche to the cross cut.  Top that with dill and caviar. Serve warm to your celebrity guests.

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