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The Galavante Cookbook: The Art of International Entertaining


It is with great pride and excitement, that our Galavante Team would like to announce the launch of our new cookbook; The Art of International Entertaining.  Before Galavante, and the extraordinary travels we’ve experienced since starting this adventure, my first passion was food.  Yes, I lived to travel, but I traveled to eat.  While working on Wall Street for most of my career, I admittedly spent my procrastination time creating elaborate dinner menus, for parties that I would host during the week at my home.  Even then, I knew in my heart that my current career path, while relatively financially rewarding, was not my passion.  Instead, it was the opportunity to afford the 4 course meals that I would create entirely from scratch, and the table settings, flower arrangements, candles and small party favors, which motivated me to keep my day job.  It was during this time, I also started the first draft of my “Wall Street Guide to Entertaining”, which now in retrospect, was the inspiration for our Food section at Galavante, and this cookbook, four years later.  I’ve come a long way from structuring and negotiating deals in finance, and food has been a major part of my journey.

My philosophy is that food is 60% of the experience, with the other being the setting, attention to detail and most importantly, the company.  In my home, I’ve always only entertained those who I love.  From the girls night in, with the extraordinary women who inspire me, to the Sunday bachelor dinners I’ve been known to host, because I think everyone needs a home cooked meal, to dinners with my husband, who is both my biggest supporter and hardest critic, it’s food that makes my house a home.  In creating this cookbook, we wanted to bring our world experiences to you, from the over 100 countries we’ve visited since starting this Galavante adventure.  While it’s extraordinary to travel, food is a major part of a culture, which can be experienced even when you’re cooling your jets at home.  We wish you all the joy and adventure through our recipes, with those who mean most to you.

To purchase the cookbook, click here.  If you’d like to become part of our Galavante family as a Business Class Member, we are offering a purchase one, gift one option, just for the holidays until December 24th.  With the purchase of a Business Class Membership, which provides you access to our Travel Concierge, our online magazine, the Galavante cookbook and an invitation to one member event annually, you can gift a second membership gratis to the lucky individual of your choice.  And of course, First Class Members receive all of those benefits, plus discounted airfare, extra perks, at least 2 VIP events annually and exclusive access at over 1700 properties worldwide.  Join us.

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