A New Ski Hotel in British Columbia

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Eleven British Columbia

There are certain people who do something and you know it’s going to be good. Case in point, the owner of Eleven Experience, who is a former Blackstone guy turned philanthropist and hotelier. His hotels aren’t a 10, they’re an Eleven. And this is the newest hotel in the collection.

About Eleven Experience

There are some people who know their real estate. And you can say that someone who worked at private equity firm Blackstone for over two decades, falls into that category. So when one of the top real estate guys in the industry decides to create his own hotel portfolio, expectations are high. In fact, part of the story behind the name of Eleven Experience is how their standard is above a perfect “ten”. The other half of the story is a riff off the movie line from Spinal Tap. This pretty much level sets that Eleven takes the experience seriously, but not themselves. They like to keep it real at Eleven Experience. The result is they deliver one of the top travel experiences for the adventurous in the industry.

iceland eleven4
Since 2014, Eleven has opened over a dozen unique intimate hideaways around the world. Properties range from Iceland to New Zealand, Chile and locations throughout Europe. The DNA of Eleven Experience is the philosophy of  “the best day ever”. To make this happen, they have the top guides, chefs and management team at each property.

The key to a successful business is to do what you’re good at, and the lodges focus on the passions of Eleven’s founder. They specialize in unique ski experiences during winter, and fly fishing and the outdoors during the summer months. Eleven Experience encapsulates luxurious adventure, with no pretense whatsoever. With every opening of a new Eleven Experience hotel, you know exactly what you’re going to get. There are Aman junkies, and now there are Eleven junkies too.

The Lodge

Eleven Revelstoke Lodge is the newest location of Eleven Experience. The lodge  is located within the ski resort town of Revelstoke in British Columbia. Similar to the Eleven Experience Crested Butte location, the town of Revelstoke retains the authentic small-town Canadian charm.

The lodge was built in 1911 and sits right in the center of town. The 9 intimate rooms offer offer guests a warm, laid-back yet luxurious place to unwind after a day of intense skiing. Amenities include a top of the line sauna, a rooftop lounge, and a hot tub.

Fresh Powder
The Great Outdoors

Revelstoke is situated between the Monashee and Selkirk Mountain Ranges, so your business here is to ski until you can’t ski any more. There are over 300,000 acres of ski trails, and an average annual snowfall of 60 feet.  Since the 1800s, British Columbia has been a draw for powder lovers.

To take it up a notch, you can discover Revelstoke with Eleven’s own Kingfisher. This heli-ski experience is unlike any other in the region. You’ll have a chance to get on a range of mixed-level terrain, and you will also witness the phenomenon known as the “Monashee trace”.   Think about waking up to more than 50 cm of powder right on your doorstep. That’s when you know you’ve had the Eleven Experience in British Columbia.

If you happen to visit during summer, you can hang up your skis for a whole host of other outdoor activities. Eleven’s signature is to hire the top guides in every destination for rafting, mountain biking, fly fishing, rock climbing, and hiking.

Food & Drink

Your cantine at the lodge is the Quartermaster Eatery. This is the best restaurant in town and serves up traditional cuisine with an eclectic flair. Wild seafood, regional greens, and cattle from nearby farms are all part of the locally sourced menu. Dishes like grass-fed traditional Cote de Boeuf,  and a unique Jalapeno Couscous can be on the menu to fuel you after a day of activities. The dining experience at Revelstoke Lodge is well-rounded in beverage as well. There’s a wide variety of wines, spirits, and creative cocktails.


Q: Where is Eleven Revelstoke Lodge located?

A: Eleven Revelstoke Lodge is located at 111 First Street, between Monashee and Selkirk Mountain Ranges.

Q: Does Eleven Revelstoke have a restaurant?

A: The Quartermaster Eatery is Revelstoke’s preferred choice for its excellent quality and style of food. It also offers a variety of wines, spirits and cocktails.

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