A Private Club in London Arrives

Christine Drinan, Founder


No city quite does the art of a private club like London. Maybe it’s because everyone speaks in those charming accents. There’s just something uniquely refined and high-brow about the whole scene. And now, The Twenty Two, a new hotel and private club in London, throws its posh hat into the ring. Here’s the first look.

The Concept

Some things are born with the potential for greatness. You know, like when a rock star and a supermodel have a child. There’s a 99.9% chance that the kid will be bestowed with some genetic gifts. Such is the case with The Twenty Two, London’s newest  lifestyle hotel and private club. The Twenty Two is a collaboration of three titans in the hotel and private-club space. First, there’s Navid Mirtorabi, former owner of the beloved Blakes, so you know this place will be special. Second, the hotel’s managing director is Darius Namdar, ex-Chiltern Firehouse, known to run a tight ship. Lastly, there’s Jamie Reuben, co-owner of Newcastle United Football Club, financier, and real-estate developer.

So you know The Twenty Two is going to have class. And that’s true. But despite the pedigree, early reports indicate that the three entrepreneurs don’t plan to rest on their laurels. The Twenty Two is the place to be right now in London. It’s more than a passion project too, and goes beyond a mere hotel and private club in London. Mirtorabi and co have plans to take The Twenty Two operation international, to major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

The Hotel

The Twenty Two is set within an Edwardian manor that overlooks historic Grosvenor Square, right in the heart of Mayfair. The hotel portion comprises 31 exclusive rooms in an 18th-century French design but with a uniquely bold and modern finish. In order words, The Twenty Two is not afraid to bring on the velvet, bold colors and ornate wallpapers that harken back to the time-tested decor of Blakes. Like Blakes, it’s also all about attention to detail.

Eat, Party, and Chill

Forget Eat, Pray, Love. The Twenty Two brings places to dine, work, and relax. For members and hotel guests, there are multiple venues: The Club, The Music Room, The Terrace, The Dining Room, and The Vault. The food operation is run by executive chef Alan Christie, who creates a mouthwatering Mediterranean British fusion. Dishes range from a salt-baked organic English chicken with peas and morels to a pasta al limone. The Vault has our curiosity, as it’s described as a place for interlude, which means the evening scene is probably made for people-watching.

We Know You’re Booking Your Ticket Now

Like Soho House, The Twenty Two is not a hoi-polloi kind of place. As one of the most exclusive hotels in London, you gotta know someone. For you reading this, that’s us, at Galavante. Because now you can message us at [email protected] to inquire about booking. We’ll get you set up. And in the coming weeks, look for an announcement of a new project that involves The Twenty Two and a few other gems.

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