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Kensho Psarou 2

To celebrate summer, we have the hotel to stay at in Mykonos. What’s refreshing is that it’s not one of the usual suspects. It opened just a few years back, a stone’s throw away from Nammos. Kensho Psarou doesn’t phone it in, that’s for sure. These are rooms that you actually want to spend time in. Top service. The best food of all the local hotels.  Then there’s the beach club. Kensho Psarou is one for your list.

Why we like it

Kensho Psarou may just be our favorite place to stay on Mykonos. It has it all that you’re looking for in a hotel if you decide on a summer stay in Greece. The moment you step out of your car, you’re in the middle of all the busy-ness and action in the Nammos complex. However, in stark contrast, the hotel is a serene oasis. The first thing you notice is the attention to design and low-key luxury. We crushed hard on the color palate of neutral, earth, wood and creams.

The Vibe

Whatever you have going on, you’re put into “relax, relax and repeat” mode thanks to the vibe the hotel exudes. This is the chicest trendy place to stay on the island.  The staff is genuinely attentive and warm, with an absence of snobbishness you don’t always get with at coolest hotel in town. Kensho achieves a balance of tranquility (in the private hotel area and rooms) and fun (the beach club and restaurant). Guests are not your average party-goers. The clientele tends to be elegant and suave.

Reviews Kensho Psarou Room

The Rooms

The rooms carry through the focus on design. Many have private plunge pools and hot tubs with sea views. Bathrooms are large and inspire you to stay awhile. There is a lot of action in Mykonos, but you don’t feel like you’re missing out if you hide out the whole day with room service in your suite. We normally don’t write about  gyms, but Kensho’s is a glass house that overlooks the sea. The design is stunning, and if there was a best gyms list, this would make it. It’s not a bad place to hop on the treadmill or elliptical for a while.

Kensho Food

The Food

It’s hard to beat Greek food anytime of the year, but the food at Kensho Psarou takes it to the next level. The cuisine is a combination of Greek with Peruvian and Japanese influences; you will dream of sushi and tiraditos. Nammos is a rite of passage, but in the end Kensho is more our speed.

**This establishment is permanently closed.**

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