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Where the Celebs Detox

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

2016 Met Gala

When looking good is part of your job description, it makes you an expert of sorts. So, when Anna Wintour goes to her healer in Thailand and works around his schedule, or when Oprah, who is looking better than ever, goes to detox, chances are these are the places to be. We have the list of where the top celebs detox this new year.

The Celebrity: Oprah

The Wellness Center: Palazzo Fiuggi

The Location: Fiuggi, Italy

Oprah has access to pretty much any pill, procedure, or potion her heart desires. And while it is whatever concoction she has designed that has glowed her up, one integral part is Palazzo Fiuggi. The places where celebs go to detox can be counted on to go above and beyond the average spa experience. Palazzo Fiuggi features detoxifying options such as VR exercise equipment, group breath work classes, body contouring, and binaural sound therapy.

Oprah thinks of Italy as more a place for pasta than hard work and dedication, but she discovered it can be both. The water in central Italy has long been renowned for its healing properties, and the natural springs form the basis of the philosophy at Palazzo Fiuggi. There are powerful pools and water-based treatments. After water comes food, and the 3 Michelin-starred chef, Heinz Beck, serves up the healthiest and tastiest of dishes. You will be prescribed a personal training regimen and provided access to a range of treatment options arranged at your doctor’s discretion.

The Celebrity: Pink

The Wellness Center: SHA Wellness

The Location: Alicante, Spain

Pink went to SHA when she felt like nothing would work. And SHA did. A special anti-inflammatory diet paired with her favorite kinds of exercise (intense), and adequate rest was just what the SHA clinicians, and her body ordered. SHA has a bespoke approach where celebrity guests go to lose weight, quit a bad addiction, book a week filled with unique treatments, and just veg out in the Spanish sun. SHA also works well for people who don’t really know what they’re there for. An intake evaluation by a doctor will test everything from brain tiredness to any predispositions you might have to certain illnesses. Besides treatments, they also have classes on cooking, mindful eating, and meditation.

The Celebrities: Anna Wintour + Madonna

The Wellness Center: Chiva-Som

The Location: Hua Hin, Thailand

You know when both Anna Wintour and Madonna go to the same healer, this is where the celebs detox. We’d imagine that Anna Wintour has few people that keep her waiting. Her favorite spiritual healer at Chiva-Som is one of them. After all, when you have a reputation with rumors that you’ve cured HIV in people floating around, you have to prioritize your healing abilities. Chiva-Som is the gold standard of wellness retreats that spoils you for choice when it comes to programming. Special therapies target different goals, from weight improvement to skin or hair care. The celebrities who come, however, treat Chiva-Som as a fountain of youth where anti-aging treatments actually work — at least in terms of aesthetic appearance, and body-care.



Q: Which detox resort has the best anti-aging program?

A: Chiva-Som

Q: Where should I go if I want to work out?

A: SHA has an amazing array of exercise options.

Q: Which detox retreat is best for food?

A: They all are good. But Palazzo Fiuggi has a Michelin chef.


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