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Jessica Alba

The odds of making it as an actor, or running your own successful business are slim to none. When you can do both, well that’s pretty impressive. These celebrities are the unicorns, some who nowadays spend more time on their business, and just act on the side. These are three celebrities with successful businesses. They’re the motivation to make it happen this New Year.

The Celeb: Jessica Alba

The Business: The Honest Company


In some ways it could seem like Jessica Alba is the luckiest woman alive. Or, she is a superhuman. But if she is either of those things, it is because she works really hard to get there. Valuing at over a billion dollars when it went public in 2021, The Honest Company has become one of the most popular natural, all around wellness brands there is. Jessica went from movie star to one of the celebrities with successful businesses, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Jessica had an epiphany when she realized that there were no good places to purchase baby products without chemicals. Turns out, moms have been in desperate need of a brand they can trust for products that touch the skin, both for them and their babies. Honest Company makes a range of natural skincare, bath, makeup, cleaning a baby products for all skin types. At the price point the brand sells, clean products aren’t just for the uber-wealthy. They are also products that are good for travel because of the price point. The brand makes products that you can take with you without worrying if something happens to them. But you can also trust that whatever products you’re using will be good for you.

The Celeb: Reese Witherspoon

The Business: Hello Sunshine


As far as celebrities with successful businesses go, Reese has several of them, including clothing company Draper James. Her most successful venture though may just be Reese’s media company, Hello Sunshine. Hello Sunshine has made a name for itself, with Reese selling most of her stake for $900 Million, after scaling up from a self-funded venture. Reese has always known she’s a bad ass, and struggled to find roles in Hollywood for the kind of woman she wanted to play. The celeb owned company began as a means for her to get rights to some of her favorite books and adapt them for screen.

But her mission goes deeper. She also publishes stories that center intersectional voices and hope, and has given many opportunities to people. If you’re looking for a good book to read on your next vacation, you can bet that Reese probably has some good options.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow

The Business: Goop

Hotel Gift Shops for Vacation


Aside from Martha Stewart, we would say that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the celebrities with successful businesses that have staying power. Gwyneth’s Goop is almost as famous as she is. But the celeb owned company also does so well because it embodies who she is. Never fearful of a little criticism, Gwyneth will get on board with some of the most out there beauty and wellness concepts that exist. She’s done bee sting therapy, and egg shaped stones that you put. . . well you can read about them on her website. If nothing else, Goop does a really good job of starting conversation about things that might be taboo, and what wellness means.

Goop does also have a highly curated range of amazing products. If Gwyneth can be trusted for one thing, it is for having the ability to find the products that work well. And with skincare, fashion, beauty, and even home, you can pretty much outfit your whole vacation with one stop.

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Q: Which celeb companies will have skincare for travel?

A: Goop and The Honest Company

Q: Does Hello Sunshine produce movies and series that she is a part of?

A: Yes! She has been on the production team for many of her acting performances, including Big Little Lies.

Q: What is the Honest Company’s most popular product?

A: The Honest Company makes safe products for babies that have gained popularity.

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