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Raise your hand if you can recite lines from American Psycho, where we first met Mr. Bale. The guy does have a point: There’s a fine line between Mergers & Acquisitions and Murders & Executions. But we digress. Christian Bale’s storied career has taken him around the world. Here are some of the best places you can spot Christian Bale on vacation.

Kauai, Hawaii

Almost anytime Christian Bale is on vacation, it’s a family affair. That was definitely the case in Kauai, Hawaii, where he took his wife and daughter for a summer vacay. He may be a celebrity, but Christian took every opportunity to take advantage of all that the coast has to offer. It didn’t matter the press took the stereotypical paparazzo pics of his beach strolls — that’s a small inconvenience when there’s waves and intense surfing to be had. Hawaii’s fourth-largest and northernmost island is one of the most remote, and has some of the best opportunities for wild adventures.

Where to stay:

Waimea Plantation Cottages. Your beachside boutique island adventure.

Paris, France

We are definitely proponents of having fun on work trips. It seems as though Christian Bale travels for pleasure even when he’s there on duty. While attending a press conference at the Bristol Hotel, he took the opportunity to bring his wife and daughter to enjoy the city in their downtime. As per pap shots, the family donned slick black, very Parisian coats to grab croissants and coffees at local cafes. It’s true: one of the joys of Paris is that a quick trip for coffee is a decadent experience.

Where to stay:

Hotel Le Bristol Paris. The epitome of French luxury, complete with a private garden…and a residential cat.

Dominican Republic
La Entrada, Dominican Republic

When in doubt, head to an adventure spot to see Christian Bale on vacation. Adventure was what was had when he took family to Laguna Dudú to go zip-lining. The lagoon is other-worldly, and the only place in the world where you can dive from one natural lake to another. The deep caves carry secrets and incredible wildlife. Christian and co stuck to above-ground activities which still require bravery. A passerby caught Chris as he zip-lined dozens of feet above one of the lagoons. Batman clearly takes his stunts seriously.

Where to stay:

Amanera. You know how we love Aman. Need we say more?

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