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Romantic Perfumes

Love Is in the Air
June 4, 2014
By , Associate Editor

The cake has been cut. The bouquet has been caught. The bling is on your finger. You’ve officially pulled off a wedding. And... exhale.

Ok, now… inhale. Because we’ve partnered with one of our favorite global fragrance purveyors, red flower to ensure your honeymoon smells just as good as it looks.

Thanks to the ambrette  seed’s aphrodisiac properties, Ambrette is a natural honeymoon perfume. A musky blend of rose, orange and patchouli essentials, the sweet top note opens up to a fresh balsamic base.

The golden champa flower has long been associated with the bridal bed. In Champa, it mixes with jasmine, mimosa and palmarosa to create a dry floral with a hint of green citrus.

The guaiac tree is known as the “tree of life,” a symbol for new journeys. Earthy and exotic, Guaiac evokes tobacco, cashmere and the forests of South America.