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A Luxury RV for Families

Abigail Hanley, Staff Writer

A Vintage Airstream Trailer with a Compact and Convertible Sofa Set for a Mobile and Stylish Living Space

Your kids live the good life. Private schools, business class seats, and top restaurants in the world. But sometimes, you want to keep it real and make sure that if Armageddon strikes, they’ll be able to make their way in a non-first-class world. That’s when you load up the fam in the RV, and take a road trip with the family that may just be your best idea yet.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone – Montana, Wyoming + Colorado are best on the open road. There’s no other time that your kids will probably agree to a trip like this unless they’re young and are stuck with whatever you decide. Because let’s be realistic; driving a camper or RV, or even a luxury air stream is aggressive. But we know you’re up for it, and the family memories of this adventure will be like no other. Here’s one of the best road trips for families in the US.

Paws Up
Top Survival Tips

  • Stock up on snacks before leaving.
  • Plan your trip out on Google Maps, and opt for the scenic route. Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado are known for their incredible views.
  • Make stops about every two hours for bathroom breaks, meals and so your children can let some energy out.
  • Because you’ll be driving through such a beautiful area, it’s a good idea to bring a picnic blanket along.

Old Faithful
Suggested Itinerary

First Day: Glacier National Park to Bozeman

Second Day: Yellowstone National Park North Entrance to Mammoth Hot Springs

Third Day: Morning Geyser, Fountain Geyser, Old Faithful

Fourth Day: Drive to Grand Teton National Park

Fifth Day: Outdoor activities: Fishing, Swimming, hiking

Sixth Day: Drive to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Seventh Day: Hiking in Steamboat Springs

Sanity stops

Paws Up

Paws Up is a 5-star resort on a working ranch. It is the perfect mix of luxury and adventure. The resort is incredibly scenic and gives you the chance to try numerous activities like fly fishing, horseback riding, and rock climbing. There are several different restaurants, all of which use the freshest ingredients available, meaning that even the pickiest eaters are sure to find something they love. There is also a yoga studio, a fitness center, and a spa that offers every treatment you can think of.

Address: 40060 Paws Up Road, Greenough, Montana 59823

Four Seasons Jackson Hole WY
The Four Seasons Jackson Hole, Wyoming

You can never go wrong with the Four Seasons, but you’ll especially love the one Jackson Hole. The suites are spacious, and tasteful and provide stunning views of the mountains. Private dining and custom picnics are both available, as is delicious meat cooked by the master chefs at Westbank Grill. At the resort’s spa, you can look forward to unique facials, body wraps, and massages. There is also a fitness center, in case you’ve ever wanted to try restorative yoga or HIIT.

Address: 7680 Granite Loop Rd, Teton Village, WY 83025

Triple Creek Ranch
Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa

Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa is an excellent place for families to get up close and personal with nature. The lodge is perfect for outdoorsy guests who prefer a healthy dose of luxury. At mealtimes, you can look forward to gourmet food prepared with high-quality ingredients at Spur Restaurant & Bar. During your stay, your family will enjoy activities like biking, paragliding, and gondola rides. The resort also includes a wellness spa, in case you’d prefer to enjoy the great indoors.

Address: Triple Creek Ranch 5551 West Fork Road Darby, Montana 59829

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