Best Family Summer Camps

We know, everyone is so last minute nowadays, as it’s been hard to plan far ahead. And we know a lot of of those families out there need a real vacation. So this is your list for family summer camps, and it’s not just for the kids. Yours, obviously, has spa treatments…and more than apple juice on the menu.

The Resort at Paws Up

Missoula, Montana

The American West is a classic family summer camp setting, and Paws Up in Missoula gives its guest families 37,000 acres of land to explore. The Kids Adventure Club at The Resort at Paws Up is for parents looking to entertain their kids with as many activities as Montana can provide, while fitting in time to river-raft themselves. Some of the activities open to the whole family are fly fishing, cattle drives, and luxury camping (glamping).

For kids ages 3–5, there’s the Little Discoveries program, which focuses on the history and environment of Montana. For ages 6–12, the Adventure Club is about the wilderness…plus fun: participants can choose from archery, go-carting, and more. Nanny and babysitting services are available, for when the grownups are at the Pomp, feasting on local wine and king salmon. After a long day of adventuring, the spa has both adult and kid treatments.  These customizable experiences promise to add to a satisfying family stay.

C Lazy U

Granby Colorado

At the C Lazy C ranch, days are packed with authentic ranch life for kids and parents alike. This mountainous family summer camp has its designated family time, breakfast and dinner, and organizes of activities for your offspring in between. The kids are grouped by age and enjoy programs such as horseback riding, hiking, and paddle boarding. Activities for adults include such hatchet throwing, tennis, mountain biking, and zip lining. The family summer camp experience at C Lazy U form social bonds that keeps people coming back season after season. With 103 years of experience, C Lazy U is the number one dude ranch in Colorado.


Moab, Utah

Sorrel is situated on the Colorado River in Utah. Here, the family summer camp lifestyle includes horseback tours through the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  The 240-acre ranch features natural landscapes as well manicured gardens. There are activities for the whole family aplenty: tennis, horseback riding, and learning about the farm animals. Wrangler camps give your brood their own independent experience —at a cost that won’t require spending their college tuition.

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