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Sugar and Plumm

Sugar High
May 20, 2014
By , Families Contributor

The place: Sugar and Plumm, 377 Amsterdam Ave., sugarandplumm.com

The scoop: Sugar-fueled havens are consistent winners when it comes to kids. For proof, step right inside the lollipop-handled doors of Sugar and Plumm, a sweet sensation hip enough for NYC Fashion Week parties and Suri Cruise alike. Happily situated in the Upper West Side near the AMNH, CMOM and Central Park, it’s a Willy Wonka-level sugar mecca, but what might surprise you is that it’s also a great late-night and weekend brunch spot. Just make sure you call ahead for reservations (as we would hate to make you wait too long for the Earthquake in a Fishbowl).

The menu: One word: decadence. Executive Chef Ben Dodaro has a handle on both sweet and savory treats. He is, after all, a self-described “purveyor of yumm.” He reinvents classic comfort dishes that mirror creations from Master French Chocolatier Thierry Atlan’s chocolate laboratory.    Get lost in the beauty that is the macaron counter, or choose something from the ice   cream sundae bar, over-the-top bakery or candy counter. Or, sit down for a proper meal, like pulled pork with waffles and corn dogs for the wee ones. Speaking of proper, the kids’ menu doubles as a coloring sheet of a proper table setting. Miss Manners would be proud.

The space: Sugar and Plumm is a neighborhood bistro meets a sweet tooth’s heaven on earth. This place is the literal definition of eye candy – from the candy mosaics to the endless counters of treats. The bright-white space with accents of plum evokes a sense of cheeriness that is as effective for parents suffering the after-effects of a late night as it is for excitable kids. Sometimes, sugar is the best medicine.

(Photos courtesy of Liz Lippman, Sugar and Plumm)