3 Big Hotel Openings in 2023

Regina and Christine are closing out the year, and they’re sharing 3 new hotels that arrived in style in 2023. The nutshell is that hotels are taking it to the next level. Hotels used to quietly soft-open to work out the jitters, but this hotel paid Queen Bey $24 million to perform at the welcome party. And like why stop at opening a hotel, when you can restore a 14th Century church next door, just so it’s all good in the neighborhood? You’ll want to listen in.

A New Standard of Hotels

We would say that the new hotels opening are a sign of what’s to come in the hotel industry. Hotel average night rates are at an all-time high, and for that nut, guest expectations are high. Right after the pandemic people were just grateful to travel again and would pay anything to get a coveted room. However, that luster has somewhat worn off. If you’re a hotel and going to charge a premium, you have to show you’re worth it. This new standard of expectation is evident in the luxury hotel openings of 2023 which raised the bar.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

With the elevated expectations of new hotels, 2023 was the year that hotels hit the ground running. Forget soft opening for friends and family; several hotels threw parties like no one had ever seen in the industry. When this particular hotel opened up in Dubai, Beyonce performed for the first time since she solo-toured in 2016. Super Models of the 90s may have said they weren’t going to get out of bed for less than $10,000/day. But it took a lot more than that for Queen Bey. Try 2400 times more than that, or for those who want the easy math, $24 million. Other perks included staying in the top room at what was one of the top hotel openings in 2023. If you’re wondering what that costs, the aptly named 12,000+ sf Royal Mansion runs a cool $100,000/night.

It wasn’t just the Beyonce hotel though that rolled out the red carpet as one of the top hotel openings in 2023. This other hotel opened up in the Eternal City and had a gala attended by Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, and Anne Hathaway, their brand ambassadors. They had the trifecta; top celebrities, diamonds, and jewels galore on display, and of course, the luxury hotel, which was the reason to celebrate. Curious about what made the biggest hotel openings in 2023? Listen in to Regina and Christine now on Off The Cuff with Galavante.

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