The Podcast: Giving Back in the World

Christine Drinan and Regina Decicco

Regina and Christine are getting in the holiday spirit, and it’s not just eggnog on the brain. They talk about Galavante’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which is your way to make a real difference directly in someone’s life. And this holiday season, they’re auctioning off priceless art by your favorite Real Housewife of New York, a Whisky Tasting with William H. Macy + Jimmy Yeager of Woody Creek Distillery. You’ll want to tune in to hear about their foundation, which is an organization that helps Afghan women, as well as humanitarian projects around the world.

The Heart of Galavante

Founder Christine Drinan started Galavante in 2012 focused on providing the best advice for luxury hotels around the world. What she quickly learned though was that luxury wasn’t just about a hotel, but rather an experience. This brought her to places in rural Rwanda and Tanzania where she taught teachers how to use paints for art classes. It was traveling in places that were challenging that she set the goal to visit every country in the world to connect with communities and people.

Christine never set out to see every country in the world, and in fact, she was terrified to travel to many countries. However, these were the places where she saw that an impact could be made on individuals. So since then, Christine has traveled the world to reach all 195 countries, which isn’t about the number. Instead, it’s about the people and humanitarian, education, and women’s rights projects that she does her small part to touch.

The Start of the Galavante in The World Foundation

Christine guest lectured at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) which was founded by former First Lady Laura Bush. This was one of the experiences that deeply impacted her, as she connected with the Afghan women students. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 2021, The Galavante in The World Foundation (GITW) was formed. GITW’s original mandate was as an organization to help Afghan women through direct aid and impact. That’s exactly what GITW has done these past two-and-a-half years. During this time, GITW has humbly contributed financial resources as well as mentorship. While GITW started as an organization to help Afghan women, its mission is for education, humanitarian, and women’s rights around the world.

A Special Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is November 28th, and the auction is officially open for GITW. There are two special items, donated by two incredibly special parties. Whether you participate in the auction or donate now, 100% of the proceeds go directly to women fighting for their education and lives.

  1. Art by Ubah Hassan, Private Collection
  2. An Aspen Woody Creek Whisky Tasting with Jimmy Yeager

100% of the proceeds from the auction and all funds raised for GITW go directly to education, humanitarian projects, and women’s rights. We’ve been able to fund passports, direct education expenses, and living stipends. Our first student will graduate from Georgetown University this December 2023 because of your generosity. GITW is an organization that helps Afghan women, but also all women in the world.

Looking Towards The Future

We are honored to have been part of directly assisting over a dozen women and their families since the fall of Afghanistan. There are so many reasons why Afghanistan is still relevant today, which includes national security. That is, after all, the reason as Americans we were in Afghanistan after 9/11 in the first place. Aside from homeland safety, over 42 million women in Afghanistan have all but disappeared from society. With no access to education, no opportunities to work, and no right to essentially exist, we will not forget these women.

So, we started as an organization that helps Afghan women, and we will continue to do so. We will also branch out into projects that give direct assistance to those who need it. That’s what makes us unique at GITW. We don’t donate high level or in the hope of helping people. We directly help those who we raise funds for. Sara Hakimi, our first scholarship recipient, will be graduating from Georgetown in a month. That’s what supporting GITW’s Foundation does; it gives support to people you can directly speak with, see, and be inspired by. We may have started as an organization to help Afghan women, but we will continue to fight for all women’s rights, education, and humanitarian efforts.

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