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Christine Drinan and Regina Decicco - Off the Cuff Podcast

Regina and Christine are back this month, and they’re talking about the bucket list destination of Cuba. We bet that the first question you ask will be whether Americans can legit travel to Cuba, and the answer, of course, is yes. Besides that though, you’re guaranteed to be surprised by this country which has a capitol grander by design than ours in the U.S. This is a look at travel to Cuba today.

A Unique Country in the Caribbean

To travel to Cuba today as an American, or as anyone in the world for that matter, evokes a number of feelings. First you see a country that could have been. What we mean by that is the capital city of Havana was positioned in the 1920s to become an international influence. They constructed their capitol building in fact, to be just larger than the one in Washington D.C. To be exact, El Capitolio is one meter higher, one meter and one meter longer than the U.S. Capital building. It is also much richer in detail, if you can believe that. Secondly, and most profoundly, you see the strength of the human spirit. Life in Cuba is difficult at best, but yet the Cuban spirit and resourcefulness is extraordinary. Christine discusses what life is like in Cuba today on the podcast, and it’s not like what you would imagine.

Travel to Cuba Today as an American

Christine talks about what it is like to travel to Cuba today as an American, and as a global citizen. For those who have the right logistics in place, there is a luxury experience to be had, but overall the luxury of experience. From food, art, hotels and local experiences, Christine gives the insight on the podcast on what it’s like in Cuba today. The short of it is, that this is a lifetime trip that you can experience now.

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Q: Can American travel to Cuba today?

A:  The short answer is yes, as along as you qualify for one of the exemptions for travel which include travel for support of the Cuban people. The full list of exemptions for travel to Cuba today can be found here on the official U.S. Embassy website. 

Q: Can you travel to Cuba from the United States?

A: Yes, you can fly directly to Cuba from the United States, from airports which include Newark and Miami International.

Q: Are there special rules that Americans need to abide by when they travel to Cuba?

A: Yes, there are specific rules you need to follow as an American when you travel to Cuba, including how you spend your time and funds while in country. You can read the latest rules for Americans who travel to Cuba on the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s official website. 

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