Cool Places to Travel in 2024

Christine Regina

Regina and Christine are in rare form this 2024 which is a sign of what’s to come on the podcast. And this year is already shaping up to be an epic one for travel as they talk about what should be on your radar. Whether you travel for luxury hotels or if you’re looking for a place to rock your world, Regina and Christine have a destination for that.

First Check out The Top 24 of 2024

Every year, we poll our team and our Tastemakers (aka you) who are the most well-traveled individuals in the world. Then we look at travel trends and where people whose Instagram gives us major travel envy. To finish it off, we do comprehensive research on where people are booking their travels, as well as a deep dive on the overall industry comps. After all of that, we come up with the list of cool places to travel in 2024.

A few things you’ll notice that is different on our list, versus the other magazines. First, we’re not trying to impress you with names of places you’ve never heard of. Yes, there are exotic locales on our list, but not for the sake of trying to come up with something new. Our cool places to travel in 2024 list is really where you want to travel in 2024. Some of you like to hit the international jet set scene. So for example, if St. Barths, the South of France, Aspen and Fashion Weeks are firmly on your calendar, we have the cool places to travel in 2024 for you. Or if you want to be out of that scene completely, we have the top places for foodies. Or the cool places to travel in 2024 to be off-grid.

Whatever your style of travel, we have the places for you on our list. And of course, there will be incredible hotels from the Mandarin Oriental in the Costa Navarino to a new Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Regina + Christine’s Personal 2024 Wish List

In addition to Galavante’s top 24 places to travel this year, Regina and Christine have a few of their personal favorites. One of these destinations will now have a direct flight from Dubai, when previously it was a hustle to get there. Fewer than a few hundred pilots are actually accredited to fly to this country in fact. You fly through mountain passes where you can practically see into people’s homes. However it’s one of the most beautiful flights you’ll ever experience, and on a clear day, you’ll see the top of Mount Everest.

Another bonus destination is a place where a major event, in fact, the largest event of the year, will take place. Regina and Christine have the inside scoop of how to get the VIP experience in this classic city. In fact, there are special vehicles that will allow you to bypass all the traffic, and VIP passes to the baller hospitality suites. This is one of the cool places to travel in 2024 that only makes that list if you travel in style.

So listen in to Regina and Christine’s podcast, as they have cool places to travel in 2024 that you’ll want to add to your list.

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