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2024 Luacala Island

Travel is like a bottomless bag of gifts; no matter what you unpack out of it, there’s always something new to experience. Even people who have been everywhere, haven’t been everywhere. And if you’ve already been to a destination, there’s almost always something new to discover. Our Where to Travel in 2024 list is unique, in that it’s places that as the discerning traveler, you actually would want to go to this year. That’s the criteria of our roadmap, or life goals list for some, for this year’s wish list of travel. We’re not just putting together a list of random places that are interesting to read about. Though we have some cool places that you may never get to, but would be a lifetime experience if you did.

Instead, these are places that have compelling places to stay, events happening this year, or where other cool discerning travelers like yourself, want to really travel this year. At times a destination is on the list because a hotel you can’t miss opens. Or a favorite hotel is taken over by a favorite hotel group, so you know things are going to be changed. It could also be on the list because it’s a classic city that’s hosting the Olympics (here’s looking at you, Paris).  So, as is our annual tradition, this is where to travel in 2024. We know you’re already planning your vacations and these destinations deserve a spot on your list.

For the Scene

To be totally direct, this part of the list is where to travel in 2024 if you want to be around the cool people. And by that we mean the jet-set crowd that skis, yachts, amFars, and Fashion Weeks around the world.

Aspen Guide - Little Nell

Aspen, Colorado

It’s been impossible to get a reasonably priced room in Aspen for the past four years, or even get a ridiculously priced one. However this year even The Nell is running some specials that include a 4th night complimentary and 2 days of ski passes. We’re not saying it’s a deal on the rooms, but there is change afoot in Aspen on the horizon, as more hotels look to put a footprint in town. Also, there’s now a Sant Ambroeus which we’re not sure how we ever survived without one in Aspen.

Stay: The Little Nell, The St. Regis, Hotel Jerome, and The Mollie

Courchevel, France

Courchevel is one of those destinations that went from low-key chic to uber-chic in the span of a few seasons. It’s to the point that Courchevel may just have surprised St. Moritz in all its glamour. With a slew of luxury retail and new luxury hotels opening, Courchevel is firmly on the where to travel in 2024 if you want to be amongst the international jet set.

Stay: Cheval Blanc, L’Apogee Courchevel, and Six Senses Courchevel


Lake Como, Italy

No, George Clooney is not selling his villa. He and Amal aren’t going anywhere, which means if it’s good enough for the Clooneys, it’s the place to be. There are also new hotels like the Passalaqua, a sister hotel to the Tremezzo, which make Lake Como even more compelling.

Stay: Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como, and Passalacqua

Cheval Blanc Paris - Mother's Day Story

Paris, France

There’s a little event called the Olympics happening in Paris, and by all advance accounts, it’s going to be epic. That is, if you do it right, with the Olympic vehicles that get to bypass traffic, as well as get VIP passes to the Olympic-hosted tents and parties. Of course, we have access to all that, as well as some chic boutique hotels that give the bigger names a run for their money.

Stay: Cheval Blanc, Mandarin Oriental Paris, Park Hyatt Paris, Bulgari Paris, and Four Seasons Hotel George V


Rome, Italy

At some point, you’ll stop off for a gala in Capri, or have a hankering for a gelato, so we say Rome is a good idea. Where the hotel scene was once purely classic, there are now even more good hotels that offer a modern aesthetic. Now, all that needs to happen is for new restaurants and some clubs to open, but otherwise, Roscioli is always a good idea.

Stay: Hotel Eden, Bulgari Rome, Six Senses Rome, and Palazzo Vilòn

Marbella, Spain

If you’re wondering where all the cool people were last summer, they weren’t in Mykonos. It was also a little lighter in Ibiza and St. Tropez because a lot of the well-heeled travelers were in Marbella for the summer. The word is that Marbella will again be where to travel in 2024, and it will be even more chic.

Stay: Marbella Club Hotel & Nobu Hotel Marbella

Mainland Greece

The islands of Greece have always been nice, but now there are more luxury hotels that have joined Amanzoe on the mainland. We’re not saying skip the isles, but you could, and still not miss anything as far as top hotels go in the country. The Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino recently opened at the end of the summer, and the One&Only joins the mix with not one but two hotels. Mainland Greece is firmly on the list of where to travel in 2024 if you want to be amongst the most chic travelers.

Stay: Amanzoe, Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino, One&Only Kéa Island, and One&Only Aesthesis

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is no longer a layover city, but instead a destination in the Middle East. It’s evolved to an ultra-luxurious version of LA, that is so attractive that expats in London have relocated recently in droves. The lifestyle is glamorous; private full-time chefs, drivers, housekeepers, nannies, and lavish villas are the draw. The restaurant and hotel scene are some of the best in the world too.

Stay: So many places, but standouts are the Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah and the new Atlantis The Royal.

Niseko, Japan

We have one word for you: powder. Or crystal soft powder which is coveted by skiers and snowboarders around the world who come to pay homage during Japan’s ski season. This year, the international jet set has put Niseko firmly on the circuit of the beautiful people.

Stay: The Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono & Muwa Niseko

For the Foodies

This part of the list of where to travel in 2024 is for the foodies. Food is culture, and it’s the reason to hop on an airplane for many people. A good bet when food is important to you, is to follow the aspiring chefs. San Sebastian for example, is where chefs come from all over the world to stage. It’s been a foodie capital of the world for insiders for ages now. We have a few more on this list that may surprise you, and are a reason to get your passport to eat your way through 2024.

Slovenia Bled Island View


Slovenia has one of the best food scenes in the world, that has not yet been mainstream discovered. We don’t know why though, because Slovenia as a country has it all. Vineyards,  castles, stunning lakes and mountains are just some of the scenery you’ll drive through. With the restaurants, yes there are those that are highly rates, but you can go to a simple farmhouse and have the best bread and cheese of your life. This is a destination not to miss if you want food, culture and a piece of authentic, undiscovered Europe.

Stay: InterContinental Ljubljana


San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is the insider’s foodie capital of the world, where some of the top chefs come to train. There’s nothing like pinxtos hopping through town for a day, taking a cooking lesson and just immersing yourself in the Basque culture. As a foodie you will never be same after a trip to San Sebastian, which will certainly not be your last.

Stay: Hotel Maria Cristina and Nobu


We’re not saying this is San Sebastian by any means, but Panama’s food scene is a pleasant surprise. The restaurants are so good that three of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world are in Panama City. Also, there are slew of luxury hotels that take it next level, from Louis Bacon’s Isla Secas to Nayara Bocas del Toro, which recently opened.

Stay: JW Marriott in Panama City, Islas Secas and Nayara Bocas del Toro


Tokyo was so hot last year, that it was impossible to even book a trip, as well as exorbitantly expensive. It’s luckily cooked though in demand but not in what it has to offer as a foodie and culture destination. For those reasons, it’s always where to travel, but especially where to travel in 2024.

Stay: Aman Tokyo, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo and Bulgari Tokyo

For Culture + Natural Beauty

You travel the world to experience beauty and learn about different cultures, and every year there are standouts. From new restaurants opening, to bucket list destinations becoming accessible again, this is where to go to get blown away by the unspoiled nature in the world.

Iris The Restaurant Norway


This picture of Norway speaks a thousand words, and IRIS the Restaurant is a reason to travel to Norway this year. You can also pay homage to Succession and check out the hotel where an episode of the last season was filmed. Alternatively you can continue your food tour in Oslo, which has some of the most progressive chefs and inventive cuisine right now in the world.

Stay: The Thief + Juvet Landscape Hotel, where Succession was filmed

Chile + Bolivia

For a few years there, the iconic Bolivian Salt Flats weren’t accessible, both because of COVID and some local unrest. Things though are getting back to normal, and Explora is running their trek from the Atacama Desert to the Uyuni Salt Flats. Where the ground mirrors the sky, the time is now to see this bucket list destination.

Stay: Explora’s Trevesia Atacama to Uyuni, Bolivia’s Salt Flats


If you’ve been everywhere, chances are you haven’t yet been to Dominica because it’s pretty darned hard to get there. Even more reason that Dominica is on our where to travel in 2024 list. Unspoiled nature, beaches and luxury hotels make this one of the more unique spots in the Caribbean.

Stay: InterContinental Cabrits Resort & Spa + Secret Bay

ani Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

When a country has a whole new set of chic boutique hotels opening, you know something is afoot. Sri Lanka is a must-go to destination at some point in your life, and it’s where to travel in 2024. The country is prime for exploration, and has never been in a better state. The well-established hotels are exquisite, and there is everything from tea plantations, natural wonders and lakes, and unique towns to explore. Sri Lanka is often overlooked or grouped in with India, but it stands well on its own.

Stay: Amanwella, Amangalla & Ceylon Tea Trails


Where to travel in 2024 is all about exploring the path less traveled. Indonesia is known for Bali, but NIHI Sumba is giving you another reason to come to this part of the world. Founded by Chris Burch and one of the most respected hoteliers, NIHI Sumba may just be one of the most exquisite island hotels in world. Their goal is to change your life, so any place that thinks they can do that is worth a look.

Stay: NIHI Sumba

Cuba Old Havana


When a destination has just enough tourists but not too many, it’s the perfect time to go. Cuba is open to the world, and as an American, it’s not as hard as you think to qualify under a legitimate exemption. The capital city of Havana is fascinating, as is learning about the culture and the heart of the Cuban people. The food scene as well has developed multiples over the years, but you get a new appreciation for every bite you take given the challenges of the country.

Stay: We have a whole list of insider places to stay here. 

eco friendly hotels luacala island

For Those Looking for Off-the-Beaten Path

When you’ve been to Paris and London more times than you can count, and already have your trips to the South of France, Spain and Greece set for this summer, this part of the Where to Travel in 2024 list is for you.


Stay: St. Raphael Resort + Park Lane


Stay: Phoenecia, Iniala Harbor House and Cap St. George

2024 Luacala Island


Fiji has always been a lifetime beach destination, but now the Como group has taken over one of the best hotels in the world. Luacala Island has joined their fold, and what’s old is new again. Also the Six Senses Fiji is another reason to island hop while you’re there.

Stay: Luacala Island and Six Senses Fiji


It’s time to get back to Africa after getting your fill of mainstream destinations this past few years with the return of travel. A place like Africa resets you, and gives you perspective on our place in the world. More than one hardened heart has even slightly softened and at least thought about re-prioritizing what’s important in life.

Kenya also has some of the most unique lodges and beautiful hotels in the world, along with the island of Lamu which is where to travel in 2024.

Stay: Sirai House + Sirai Beach

Senegal + Cape Verde

If you’re looking for some of the most unspoiled beaches in the world and a chance to immerse in African culture, Senegal and Cape Verde are where to travel in 2024. Senegal is one of the unique destinations in Africa that has a chic restaurant scene as part of their capital city of Dakar. We’re not talking a handful of restaurants either, but rather dozens of cool beach clubs and places to explore.

Stay: Lamantin Beach Hotel + Radisson Blu

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