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6 Best Amans in the World

Christine Drinan, Founder

Ubah Amangiri

You know a hotel is pretty special when it turns the most demanding people into bona fide junkies. What we mean by that is when Aman builds it, the top of the food chain will come. It doesn’t matter how far-flung either the destination is, and in fact, the more remote, the better. When Aman arrived on the scene over 25 years ago, it indisputably created its own class of luxury. So what, you’re asking, makes Aman so special? Yes, the hotels are sublimely luxurious, but they somehow strike that next-level chord in the luxury of experience too. So these are the 6 best Amans in the world, which are a road map of lifetime travel to add to the list.

A Note About this List

This issue of Galavante is about our list of favorites, but to rank Amans is like to compare Taylor to Beyonce. They are both the best and to compare them is just silly. So, this list isn’t an “or” situation, but rather in addition to if you know what we mean. Aman is at the top of the luxury food chain. Any of their 35 hotels and counting are going to be a unique experience.

Aman New York

Location: New York, New York

Aman New York is the newest kid on the block as far as Amans go around the world. It also gives you a peek at what’s in store for Aman’s future. Aman set a new standard of luxury for the hotel industry, and Aman New York set a new standard of luxury for Amans. From the rooms, which are the nicest in NYC, to the spa, gym, and common areas, Aman New York is the definition of luxury. Yet there’s not a bit of pretentiousness when you walk through the doors, that is, if you can get past the front desk. Aman New York is open only to hotel guests and Aman Club members.


Location: Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri is not only on the list of Best Amans in the world, it should almost be in the Hall of Fame of Amans. We know their pancake certainly is, which has a secret ingredient that their Executive Chef Anthony shared with us. Yes, a pancake can be life-changing. Actually, the experience of Amangiri sets you on the right path. Its environment creates that kind of relaxation you need to clear your head and chart the path forward. This is one special hotel, in one special place in the United States.

Set around a rock formation a few hundred years old, Amangiri is everything that represents the best of Aman. Its minimalist architecture, serene environment, top food, spa, and service make it one of the top hotels in the world. Blink though from a distance as you may miss it, because Amangiri was designed to blend into the stunning canyons and mesas of Canyon Point. That’s the other point about Amangiri; it’s part of the community, as there is a Navajo Nation reservation adjacent to the property. With all its luxury Amangiri gives you also the authenticity of the culture and beauty of the natural environment.


Location: Playa Grande, Dominican Republic

As far as beach experiences go, Amanera is not only one of the best Amans in the world but also one of the best hotels in the Caribbean. Located in Playa Grande, Amanera is literally a little slice of heaven. The hotel is part of the Playa Grande development, so while it’s just 26 casitas, it’s adjacent to a golf course so beautiful it will inspire anyone to golf. The rooms are something special at Amanera, as even for an Aman, the materials and finishes are next level.

The spa was recently revamped with new wellness getaways for those looking to detox for a long weekend. Whatever adventure you choose though, if you did nothing but look at those views, you’ve accomplished your mission.

Aman Venice

Location: Venice, Italy

We could just say that Aman Venice is one of the best in the world because it was where George and Amal Clooney tied the knot. We’d be justified to do so. However, that would mean that we’d be remiss to mention that Aman Venice is maybe the most historic hotel of the group. Set in a 16th-century palace, it’s like time stood still as you walk through frescoed rooms and ascend marble staircases. They just can’t make houses like this anymore, even if your last name is Bezos or Musk. Aman restored the palace and renovated the rooms in only the way that Aman could, to balance minimalist modernity while respecting the original architecture. At Aman Venice, there is no doubt you are in a Venetian palace, but also no doubt you’re at an Aman.

Aman Tokyo

Also one of the newer Amans, the moment Aman Tokyo opened it because one of the best Amans in the world. Tokyo already has top service and luxury accommodations, but Aman leveled up the playing field. Like Taylor Swift has that red lip thing going on, Aman aesthetic naturally has that Japanese-Zen-minimalist vibe. But at Aman Tokyo, every inch of the hotel, from the lounge to that spa with a commanding view of Tokyo is a stunner.

Amankora Bhutan

Locations: Thimpu, Paro, Bumthang, Punakha, and Gangtey  Bhutan

This is not just one Aman, but Amankora is a series of five lodges across the extraordinary country of Bhutan. Amankora makes the list of the best Amans in the world because this is where the luxury of Aman extends well beyond the accommodations. Of course, your room is going to be meditatively sublime, with Aman’s signature minimalist design. At the end of the day of exploring, there’s nothing like returning to your lodge for a beautiful meal, then retiring to your room, and cozying up by the fire. But the fact that Amankora is in a country that measures its wealth by the happiness of the people, you are in for a lifetime experience. Put this one on the list when you’re ready to realize the meaning of life.

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