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The 11 Best New Hotels of the Year

Abhilash Jayachandra, Editor


Just when you think that hotels can’t get any better, 2023 was an epic year of new openings. There were hotels that created a whole new destination within Greece that will inspire you to stay on the mainland. Then there were hotels that made their mark on classic destinations like Paris, Rome, and Tokyo. These are the 11 best new hotels of 2023, and where you want to be.

Fifth avenue hotel mini bar best hotels 2023

The Hotel: Fifth Avenue Hotel

The Location: New York, New York

With the rare exception of a handful of hotels, New York City hotels do not do it justice. The Fifth Avenue Hotel opened up, we thought that it was actually too nice, if there ever is such a thing. What we love is that this isn’t a cookie cutter hotel and they don’t play it safe. The Fifth Avenue Hotel is actually one of the best new hotels of 2023 because they’re not afraid to express themselves, but do it so elegantly. They mix it up with prints, wallpaper and colors that somehow create a design breakthrough we haven’t seen since the Crosby Street hotel and its sister properties came on the seen. Their food and beverage venues of Cafe Carmellini and the Portrait Bar are also tops.

The Hotel: Six Senses Rome

The Location: Rome, Italy

The Six Senses is continuing its expansion throughout the world, but now they’re in a city. They didn’t just pick any city though, but the Eternal City, and one of Rome’s most historic squares. It wasn’t enough though for the Six Senses Rome to open up one of the best new hotels of the year, and leave it at that. They also felt they needed to restore the 14th century original chapel next door, you know, as a sign of goodwill for the neighborhood. The Six Senses Rome brings a new luxury accommodation to Rome that is both modern but also elegantly serene. The rooms are some of the most beautifully designed and finished of all the luxury hotels. And of course, they may be in a city, but they still have their core DNA of wellness that is the foundation of the hotel.

The Hotel: Bulgari Rome

The Location: Rome, Italy

Like the Atlantis The Royal in Dubai which is also on the list of the best new hotels of the year, the Bulgari Rome hard launched onto the scene. What we mean by that is in lieu of a soft opening to work out the kinks, the Bulgari hosted a grand gala. The likes of Hollywood, including Zendaya, Anne Hathaway, and Priyanka Chopra were on hand for the festivities. And of course, yes, they were dripping in Bulgari diamonds and jewels. So you know when someone arrives to such fanfare, it’s for a reason. The Bulgari hotel in Rome may be just one of the most luxurious of the entire portfolio, and brings a modern elevated luxury option for accommodations in Rome.

The Hotel: The Carlton Cannes

The Location: Cannes, France

We know that this technically isn’t a new hotel, but when you put over $370 million into a renovation, it might as well be. The Carlton Cannes reopened this 2023, and it’s one of the best new hotels of the year. The Carlton has always been a Grande Dame on the Croisette in Cannes, and the center of the posh events. They finally gave it though the facelift it deserved and added over 215,000 square feet with two new wings. They restored the lobby to its original grandeur, but added new spots like a new tea lounge, bar and restaurant. So whether or not you stay, the Carlton is where to drop in when you find yourself shopping in Cannes.

The Hotel: Peninsula London

The Location: London, United Kingdom

The original Peninsula Hotel opened up in Hong Kong in 1928. So it’s only befitting that one of the most luxurious hotels in the once British colony would set up house in London. In Peninsula fashion, they didn’t open up on the trendy East End. Instead the Peninsula London opened up on prime real estate in the heart of Mayfair. You should though, get used to the best new hotels of the year opening up in Mayfair. If you’re a top luxury hotel, chances are you’re opening in this tony neighborhood. Expect the Peninsula afternoon tea to become one of your staples when you pass through London.

The Hotel: Estelle Manor

The Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

You may not have yet heard of Estelle Manor which opened up this year in the English countryside. However, anyone who is anyone in London has already made their way to this so English it hurts manor retreat. Estelle Manor is compelling as it makes you want to bypass London all together. Gracious and elegant are starters to describe the experience of the private estate. It combines that classicism of the highbrow experience with the cool factor of Estelle, which is one of the hottest private clubs in London right now. Check out our full preview of Estelle Manor here.

The Hotel: Le Grand Mazarin Paris

The Location: Paris, France

Le Grand Mazarin makes the list of one of the best new hotels of the year because it’s not afraid to be itself. With whimsical bright decor and its location in the Marais, Le Grand Mazarin brings much-needed luxury to the neighborhood, without losing its sense of place. This is the cool place to be in the neighborhood, regardless of whether you stay or not at the hotel. After you hang at Grand Mazarin’s restaurant and bar, here’s a DJ set in the basement to continue the party.

The Hotel: Bulgari Tokyo

The Location: Tokyo, Japan

The Bulgari is clearly on a mission, and that’s to have a hotel in every glamorous city in the world. That’s why they opened up in Tokyo to give the top luxury hotels a run for their money. Set on the 40th to 45th floors of the of the Tokyo Midtown Yaesu skyscraper, its location is walking distance to Ginza and Nihombashi. From the moment you walk into the Bulgari, you’re met with the signature sleek and minimalist design, along with the views for days. There is something that feels intimate and familiar though about the hotel if you’ve stayed in a  Bulgari before. The Tokyo outpost has  98 rooms and like its sister properties, restaurant Niki Romito and the Bulgari Bar.

The Hotel: Atlantis The Royal

The Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When you hard launch your hotel with a $24 million private performance by Queen Bey herself, you put yourself on the list of the best hotels of the year. This may also be one of the most lavish, as Beyonce stayed in the $100,000/night penthouse suite. After all, this is Dubai, and they go big, especially with one of the most luxurious hotels in all of the Middle East.

The Hotel: Costa Navarino Mandarin Oriental

The Location: Costa Navarino, Greece

When a hotel makes an area a destination, we would say that it qualifies as one of the best new hotels of the year. The Mandarin Oriental opened up as the crown jewel of the Costa Navarino development in Greece. This is not just a typical resort though; they somehow excel in every category from food, beach club, rooms and even the gym and spa. You could easily spend an entire week at the hotel and it would be worthwhile of your time to skip the Greek Isles and stay on the mainland. Check out our full review on the MO Costa Navarino here.

The Hotel: One&Only Aesthesis Athens

The Location: Athens, Greece

The One&Only Aethesis Athens opened up way after the last DJ set in Mykonos to close the summer season. However, that didn’t matter, as when the One&Only builds it, it’s worth it to come. It also helps that this isn’t a hotel in the remote Greek Isles, but rather in Athens on the Athenian Riviera. This means that you’re still technically in Athens, but set away from the center of the city. With its 21 hectares and sea front location, it’s all resort vibes, but all-year round.

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