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Estelle Manor in Oxfordshire

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Estelle Manor Drawing Room

There’s something about the quintessential English countryside that makes you want to wear tweed. Go clay shooting. Heck, even eat some tea and crumpets. But then a hotel opens in the rolling green hills, that is a game changer for London. In fact, it’s a place that may make you pass the city and go straight to Estelle Manor. This is the first look.

The Overview

It was only a matter of time before Soho House was given a run for their money. However, where Soho Farmhouse is rustic chic, Estelle Manor is the epitome of British estate refinement. You have no doubt that you are in England the moment you drive up to the 60 acre private estate, surrounded by over 3,000 acres of parkland.  In order words, this is as English countryside, green rolling hills as it gets.

A Sanctuary for a Long Weekend

Estelle Manor has leveled the playing field for those who aren’t heirs to an English aristocratic family, but want to have that high-brow estate experience. What’s unique though about Estelle Manor is that it’s not stuffy at all. Yes, you have the elegant interiors that evoke Jacobean charm. Estelle Manor though sees a chic, beautiful crowd generally in their 30s and up. So it’s exactly where people of all ages want to be. The 106 rooms and suites  are classic yet elegantly updated, and give you the sense of place that you’re staying in an English manor.

Match Point

There’s a reason why you’ll probably check into Estelle Manor and not leave. The breathtaking South terrace has a Riviera-inspired 25 meter swimming pool. Of course there are paddle courts to get you Match Point moment on. Speaking of getting a sweat on, the gym is a proper workout facility, with legit fitness classes. (AKA not the usual resort kind that don’t quite cut it). The best bit may yet be to come, however. The centerpiece will be the Eynsham Baths. This is a communal bath house designed as an ode to the ancient baths which were once the communal hubs.

Wine + Dine

You’re deep in English countryside, so the food is brought to you in the form of 4 restaurants. Each serves a unique cuisine, and includes the Brasserie, Living Room, Billiards Room, and Glass House. The setting in the evening with the tall candles lit evokes a proper English dinner party. From Chinese to British cuisine, their culinary program at Estelle is tops in the English countryside manor hotel space.

Book with Us Now

Like Soho House, you can become a member of Estelle Manor, which unlocks private and personalized perks. Otherwise message us at [email protected] and we’ll hook you up.

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Q: Where is Estelle Manor located:

A: Estelle Manor is located about an hour and a half from London. You can reach Estelle by car or train. Its address is: Eynsham Park, Oxfordshire, OX29 6PN, England.

Q: Does Estelle Manor have restaurants on site?

A: There are four restaurants at Estelle Manor. They include the Brasserie, The Billiards Room, The Glasshouse and The Living Room.

Q: Does Estelle Manor have a spa?

A: Estelle Manor is going to open a beautiful 30,000 square foot spa in the coming months. Currently they have a large gym with classes and top of the line fitness equipment and trainers.

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