The New Carbone Club

Abigail Hanley, Staff Writer

ZZs Private Club NYC - Carbone club

As if it already wasn’t impossible for mere mortals who don’t stand 6 feet tall (Hi, Gigi and Kendall) Carbone now has a private dining club. Think of this new venture as the 4.0 version of ZZ’s Clam Bar and Carbone. Just when you thought Major Food Group couldn’t crush it more, they more than “Oops, did it again.” This is the first look at the new Carbone Club in NYC.

Right out of the Gates

From the day it opened in 2013, Carbone became a hotspot in Greenwich Village. Carbone continues to attract celebrities who splurge the carbs on their famous rigatoni in vodka sauce. If you remember, they even created a frenzy during the pandemic when they opened briefly up for delivery. However, Major Food Group’s new private membership club gives even the original Carbone a run for its money. Located at Hudson Yards, the new Carbone club, named ZZ’s Club, brings in a new era of private supper clubs. Of course, they have the culinary chops to back it up. The club is home to the only private Carbone location in existence.

Inside the New Carbone Club

ZZ’s Club’s stunning interior was designed by Ken Fulk. We would say that it is one of the most dramatic of the Major Food Group spaces in NYC, and they have The Grill. The space includes several chic dining areas, complete with crystal chandeliers and intricate murals. ZZ’s Club has a spot for all moods. You can be right in the mix in the club bars, or you can dial it back and chill in club lounges. Whatever adventure you choose for the evening, you know the scene is going to be good.

The Roots of ZZ’s Club

The new club originates from restaurant ZZ’s Clam Bar, named after Jeff Zalaznick. Zalaznick is one of the main partners in the Major Food Group ventures with Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi. Right next door to Carbone,(and if you ask nicely they’ll bring you Carbone’s clams) ZZ’s Clam Bar always crushes it in the seafood department.  Their food is almost as renowned as the guests like Jay Z and Beyonce, who are known to drop by. So of course a few favorites from ZZ’s Clam Bar can be found in the new club. You don’t make it in New York on scene alone, and the foundation of ZZ’s is top-notch food. The menu includes familiar Italian dishes like chicken massimo and veal parmesan. There are also house specialties such as “Caesar alla ZZ”.

So, How Do You Get In On The Action?

If you make it past the velvet ropes of membership, for an individual, the one-time initiation fee is $20,000, with annual dues of $10,000. The application is pretty standard: include your Vogue covers and links to your hedge fund websites. Additionally, you need references from at least two existing club members. We’re planning to ask Kendall and Gigi, of course.

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