Is Europe Open To Americans?

europe open to americans

The short answer is, Europe – it’s game on.  After months or, let’s face it, over a year of speculation, it’s official.  Vaccinated Americans are (generally) welcomed back to Europe. So this issue of Galavante is even more relevant to your life. No need only to dream of Europe. So read (carefully) all about it:  Europe Open to Americans.

Now the long answer, to is Europe open to Americans, which is really the answer, is sort of.  Get ready to navigate requirements by country.  Overall the EU and Schengen countries will allow residents within those territories to travel, where entry will require the new EU Digital Covid Certificate.  This will be a QR-based app on your phone to show proof of vaccination.  By July 1, all EU and Schengen countries will implement this system.  The applicability to Americans is TBD, but some form of digital documentation will be in place.  Regardless, it is always a good idea to carry your hard copy vaccination card.

Now, The Complicated Part

Besides the vaccination card, a negative COVID test, anywhere from 3-5 days prior to arrival, may apply.  How that will work if you are traveling among countries once you’re on the ground, is to be determined. Most countries will not require a quarantine for those vaccinated and who provide a negative COVID test prior to arrival. There will also be country-specific forms to fill out.

To further complicate it, some countries like Belgium, will have specific requirements for entry.   First, your home country is designated as red, orange and green, depending on COVID risk.  Second, you need to fill out a form, and get a COVID test right before you arrive.  Based on your answers to their form, you may be required to quarantine 7-10 days upon arrival.  If you draw the quarantine card, you’ll have to COVID test on days 1 and 7.  You’re notified by text message if you need to quarantine; no text if you don’t.  It’s unclear how much time you’ll have before you board your flight to postpone, if you get the dreaded text.  This Belgium business sounds like a complicated administrative nightmare.  Our advice is unless you can’t get a great moules frites and chocolate at home, postpone a trip here until things go back to normal.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Croatia (who welcome Americans last year) is reopen to tourism.  All you need is proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test, or proof you already had COVID.  No quarantine, or super long explanation or acrobatics required.

Multi-Country Travel

Now of course, add the element of traveling throughout Europe to different countries in, and you have yourself a puzzle.  You can check out the latest requirements on the official EU’s website here. While we love that we are your resource for all things travel, it’s super important to check the official EU and country specific requirements.  This is all fluid, so even the information above may be outdated tomorrow.

Now we have to end this article on the right note, because we’re even tired of talking COVID requirements.  We’re thinking Paris to start out summer travels.  Here’s our article on 5 boutique hotels in the City of Lights.  Is Europe open to Americans this summer?  You bet.


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