Off-Grid Summer Destinations in Europe

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

We know you love what you do. You love your colleagues, and you especially love your boss. But they call it vacation for a reason, and everyone needs a chance to unplug. Nowadays though, your analyst is in Mykonos, management is spread across Amalfi and St. Tropez and your cool colleagues are in Ibiza. So where can you go with that same cool vibe, but not run into anyone and everyone you know? We have the list of spots that are just enough off-grid summer destinations in Europe. 

The Destination: Corsica, France

As far as spots that are still luxurious but off-grid summer destinations in Europe, Corsica is firmly on that list. Corsica is where those with resources so vast and passports full of stamps decamp to take in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Even the French who know that Corsica may be part of their country but aspires to be part of Italy, will say that it’s maybe the most beautiful part of France. You can also just ask Beyonce who had her secret 40th birthday party on the private beach of the Domaine Murtoli in Corsica. If you took a picture of Corsica 100 years ago and compared it to today, not much has changed. 


The terrain ranges from mountains, and canyons to rivers and sea. Corsica is as unspoiled as it gets.  You can travel to the Agriates region for the boundless white sand beaches, like Saleccia and Lotu, with views of Cap Corse in the background. If you want a Saint Tropez feel minus your boss, you can head to Saint Florent instead. Corsica is one of those places that brings you back to what’s really important in life. Probably why there are more billionaires going low-key during the summer on isle. It’s the place to know that’s an off-grid summer destination in Europe. 

Stay: Domaine Murtoli 

The Destination: Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is also all about natural beauty. Funnily enough, it’s not too far from Corsica, and a ferry ride can take you from one Island to the other if you want to extend your exploring, aka time away from work. Both have stunning beach options, but Sardinia is a bit bigger, with options ranging from coves to rocky coastline. This is an off-grid summer destination in Europe as it’s not easy to get there, and it is inexplicably expensive. But once you’re on isle though it’s all vacation money that few regret investing, and in fact, return year after year.

One unique beach in particular is Isola dell’Asinara. Once home to a maximum security prison, the Island now houses albino donkeys, sheep, and falcons. If you find a coworker here, then you should make that coworker a friend because they know how to travel. Another must is Neptune’s Grotto, a formation of caves that can be reached by a 600+ step staircase or a boat, either way, the crystals inside are worth the trip.

Stay: Romazzino, A Belmond Hotel.

Photos courtesy of Romazzino, A Belmond Hotel. Courtesy of Romazzino, A Belmond Hotel on Facebook.

The Destination: Montenegro

Montenegro is a country that surprises you, and for the past 15 years has slowly built up as a luxury destination. However, it’s still an off-grid summer destination in Europe, which means it’s not overrun by tourists. There are over 100 beaches, with some designated for revelry, others for the more active traveler, and hidden gems too. Then there’s the choice of red sand, medicinal sand, rock, or mud, like Igalo’s Mud Beach.

Montenegro at Sunset

If you’re into outdoor sports, Montenegro has kayaking, flyfishing, and skiing, not to mention some killer sunsets. The Balkan country is usually regarded for its beautiful waters, but farm stays are becoming a part of the old country charm.

Locals are opening their doors to tourism, and that means you get more real culture in the restaurants and countryside. You can eat organic produce, learn the lore of the village, and enjoy the gift of slow living. Vineyards with local cheese tours will have you forgetting work entirely. Even the most stubborn of workaholics will give in to the relaxation of the region’s comfort food. We have to note that Montengro has also become an escape plan of sorts for Americans looking for a second passport. 

Stay: One&Only Portonovi

The Destination: Marbella, Spain


It’s not Ibiza and it’s not Mallorca. Marbella is where the chic people are, not your boss – no offense. The party scene is just as good of a time as Ibiza, but lower key. Marbella also excels in the beach club department with spots like San Trope, where the crowd is about quality, not quantity. Of course there’s also Nikki Beach Club when you need your fix of daytime champagne parties. 

As an off-grid summer destination in Europe, lower key doesn’t mean that you’re without some retail therapy. Puerto José Banus is where to get a workout browsing designer stores and yachts for boat outings waiting at the port’s edge. Or you can just rooftop hop for the best views with a cocktail. It’s a life of leisure in Marbella, with a strong golf culture that’s unique in Spain, with plenty of courses. If you happen to book your trip at the start of June, you’ll get to check out Marbella’s Fair with authentic foods and live performances for a dose of culture too.

Stay: Marbella Club 

The Destination: Costa Navarino, Greece


Villa in Navarino Dunes. Courtesy of Costa Navarino on Facebook

Costa Navarino is a brand new development that opened in August of last year, so you won’t find your boss here. It’s not just soul-less hotels though; the entire area is meant to bring luxury to Messinia area with a sustainable approach. Costa Navarino is made up of four luxury hotels and a large expanse of over 2000 acres, so it’s a serious endeavor. The luxury hotspot is not messing around with three spa centers, four world-class golf courses, sports and wellness programs, and entertainment at your disposal.

Costa Navarino is where you can go to totally decompress after a work trip to London as it’s a quick direct flight. You won’t run out of activities to do here, because you can hop from one 5-star accommodation to another. Or you can check out the historic towns of Pylos and Mount Olympus nearby. It’s one of the most luxurious of the off-grid summer destinations in Europe. Though when word gets out this year, it may not be for long. 

Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino

Stay: The Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino

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