Lifetime Trips to Take with Mom

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

Cheval Blanc St. Barths Pool

There will never be a year we won’t honor mom, because whether you are one, you came from one, you know one, or you act like one, mothers are a universal treasure. We say this every year too, that yes, you absolutely better at least call your Mom or someone’s Mom on Mother’s Day, but these ladies deserve more than 24 hours. So, this is our annual list of ideas of where to take Mom this year for that lifetime trip. She deserves it.

Check out our list from last year for more traditional stays. This year’s destinations are on the less conventional side and a whole lot of fun.

Destination: Copenhagen

Why She’ll Love It

Copenhagen is the place you go to when you’re looking for something easygoing, yet chic. The city has trendy cafes, restaurants, breweries, castles, and boutiques.

Denmark’s capital has a little something for everyone, with each neighborhood boasting its own little treasures. For instance, Nyhavn District is the picture-perfect place for a stroll with mom by the water. You can admire the colorful townhouses on one side and the boats docked on the canal on the other while spilling juicy secrets over a cup of coffee from the many shops around. In contrast to the serenity of Nyhavn is the city center. Here you’ll find Strøget — this is where to take mom for the ultimate shopping spree. Almost a mile-long line of luxury stores and the area is barred from vehicles. So now, you can treat her to a new wardrobe staple because she deserves it.

Where To Stay

Hotel d’Angleterre. Courtesy of Hotel d’Angleterre on Facebook.

Plan a stay at Hotel d’Angleterre Copenhagen, for five-star service and the convenience of being in the heart of the city. Remember Strøget? It’s right by Hotel d’Angleterre, so you can scope out the area for less crowded hours. The hotel hosts Michelin-starred Marchal, a champagne bar, and access to bikes. Exercise is optional but a fun way to act local. Maison is also a hotel staple; everything is adorned in baby pink and pastries can be taken to go for a wholesome picnic.

Destination: Lily of the Valley

Why She’ll Love It

Lily of the Valley is where to take Mom if you’re both in need of a wellness pick-me-up. This retreat is specifically designed to target a wellness goal while living lavishly in their luxury accommodations. You can get the best of both worlds, and the best is the only option for someone as important as Mom. So, while you might be focused on nutrition and weight loss, mom can opt for the Better Aging program. A glass of wine in between sessions to discuss your new self-improvement regimes will only bring the two of you closer. The sailing club offers a bunch of water sports and the spa is a must for your girl’s trip.

Where To Stay

Villa W at Lily of the Valley Hotel. Courtesy of Lily of the Valley Hotel on Facebook.

At Lily of the Valley, you’ll have everything in one place. Room and board: check, activities: check, healthful meals: check. You can share a room or get a suite, after all, spending time with mom is a priceless experience. The hotel is also equipped for those with mobility restrictions, making it an accessible option for moms needing additional assistance.

Destination: Saint Barth’s

Why She’ll Love It

Mom is the original party animal, where else do you think you got your rhythm from? And there’s nothing like a girl’s trip that involves a dance floor. Post up at Eden Rock and gossip about all the celebs that have graced the premises, maybe you’ll even spot one. Let’s circle back to the dancing though, and test those dancing skills at Nikki Beach – popular for dancing on table tops. A few cocktails in, we’ll bet the nerves will pass and you’ll have an unforgettable time. In between, there will be plenty of time to get pampered, beach hop, and sail the seas. You’ll come back sunkissed, rejuvenated, and introduced to a side of mom you haven’t seen before.

Where To Stay

Eden Rock – St Barths. Courtesy of Eden Rock – St Barths on Facebook.

Chances are you’ve heard of Eden Rock because of its celebrity clientele. Well, there’s a reason so many famous people have been here. In fact, it was ranked one of the World’s Best 50 hotels in 2023. They have a little bit of everything, exclusive beach access, yacht rentals, in-house mixologists, a library, hikes, and fitness classes to keep you entertained.

Destination: India

Why She’ll Love It

India is a trip mom might be hesitant to take alone. You can be her guide and make it happen because everyone should see the Taj Mahal at least once in their lifetime. The architecture, spirituality, and dedication to the arts are unrivaled. Temple hop in Orchha or enjoy Indian treats at the many open-air food markets and street vendors. You can make a dent in mom’s credit card for old-time sake at Gem Palace of Jaipur for jewels and don’t miss out on a Bollywood performance. Yoga classes and a visit to an elephant sanctuary like Elefantastic, are mom-friendly activities. The best part, you’ll both most likely have a first-time experience to share.

Where To Stay


The Oberoi, New Delhi. Courtesy of The Oberoi, New Delhi on Facebook.

The Oberoi, New Delhi, is facing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Humayun’s Tomb and a beautiful golf course. There’s a patisserie and multiple Michelin-starred chefs for elevated Indian cuisine.

Destination: Tanzania

Why She’ll Love It

Tanzania is not traditionally your first thought when it comes to a getaway with mom. But we’re talking about once-in-a-lifetime trips, so Tanzania has to be on the list. The country has many villages, pristine landscapes, and wildlife to explore. So gear up for a safari trip on land or in the air in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti Plains. There are also tons of white sand beaches to choose from for lounging and Mount Kilimanjaro, if you’re a more active pair. Sunrise at the top will make it all worth it. In Zanzibar, you can visit Freddie Mercury’s home and learn about its spice history, maybe even learn some recipes to make at home together once back in the States.

Where To Stay


Kleins Camp. Courtesy of &Beyond Klein’s Camp website.

& Beyond, Klien’s Camp is an intimate ten-cottage stay, with private Verandas overlooking the two iconic spots, Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenia’s Masai Mara National Parks. The luxury camp is purposely positioned so that you can witness the wildlife up close and personal in the 4,700 acres of wilderness dedicated to campers only. You can take your wilderness walks by day and rides at night. While some parts of the stay are completely dedicated to the surrounding natural beauty, room massages, Swarovski binoculars, and food made fresh from the garden add a bit of material beauty too.

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