Six Senses Krabey Island


Six Senses Krabey Island

What do you get when you take a private island, mix it with an authentic, unspoiled culture, and add the best luxury hotel provider on the planet? You get Six Senses Krabey Island.

The Rooms

As you would expect from a Six Senses property, Krabey Island’s rooms are spectacular. Totally high tech, up-to-date, and quintessentially luxurious. Private plunge pools, beachside views, and the most comfortable mattresses you’ve ever slept on because, after all, sleeping is wellness too.


And when you’ve woken up from your cat-nap (or your second or third cat-nap) of the day, you’ll get to treat yourself to some world-class dining. Order anything on the menu and you’ll quickly learn one thing: healthy can taste exquisite too. And, you can enjoy long, romantic dinners without worrying about your beach body the next day.


The beach at Six Senses Krabey Island is far from the main attraction. The real reason people escape here is for the healing benefits. It’s one of the the most advanced wellness centers that the Six Senses has to offer—which is not to be taken lightly.

This resort makes you healthy from the inside out. They offer traditional Cambodian wellness treatments like the Khmer or Abhyanga massage, which make you feel ten years younger.

And once you’re young at heart again, they’ve got plenty of options to make you look 10 years younger. We recommend the 24k Gold Age-Defying Facial – there’s nothing else quite like it.

But the goal isn’t only to have a weekend transformation. The wellness staff want to get you feeling better and younger in the long term, which is why they have ample activities designed to teach you how to live right. They have fitness centers, morning yoga in the pavillion, detox programs, and daily meditations. And these are just a few of the practices you’ll bring back home with you. The only problem is that after staying in their suites, you’ll never actually want to go home.

The key differentiator that separates the Six Senses Krabey is their comprehensive wellness screening report which provides an in-depth analysis of your health, and provides you a road map to better living. From the basics of your body weight, fat mass and blood pressure, to your immune response, stress index and insulin resistance, this is no fluff report. Major lifestyle changes for the better will come out of your stay at Krabey.

Your mind, body, and soul will all thank you for it unanimously for the ultimate wellness experience at Six Senses Krabey Island.


Q: How many dining options are there?

A: The Six Senses Krabey Island has two restaurants, an ice cream parlor, and a bar. In-villa dining is also an option.

Q: When is the spa open? 

A: The spa at The Six Senses Krabey Island is open daily from 9a.m.-9p.m.

Reservations can be made through the contact information below.

[email protected]

+855 69 944 888

Q: Is there a boutique onsite? 

A: Yes, the boutique sells designer clothing, swimwear, accessories, and decor for guests to bring home with them.

Six Senses Krabey Island Information

Address: Koh Krabey Island, Ream Commune, 18000, Cambodia

Phone number:   +855 69 944 888


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