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Rachel Singh, Contributor

Nihi Sumba Villa

Every once in a while, a hotel comes along that blows everyone’s mind, and becomes the destination. There’s been Luacala in Fiji and the Singita lodges in Africa. Today, there’s Nihi Sumba, a hotel on the remote island of Sumba in Indonesia. First, there are big personalities involved, with legit street cred in luxury and hotels. Second, it seems they are in this for the love of the game, as one can say that Nihi is where they “found” themselves. In fact, they’ve put big bets, that Nihi will change your life too.

The Edge of Wilderness

A place that calls itself the edge of wildness and a destination with meaning is going for a certain vibe. In the theme of the wild, think wild horses and immersion into the local community. Of course there’s completely unspoiled beaches and vistas, that are as up close and personal to nature as you can get. Of course, there’s no roughing it, with 27 mind-blowing luxurious villas that set a new standard. This is a look at Nihi Sumba, a hotel to put on your goals list.

Nowadays, more and more travelers are looking to visit destinations that positively  impact the environment and local population. However, it doesn’t mean that anyone wants to compromise comfort and quality. The island of Sumba is all of that. On its secluded white sand beaches and untouched wilderness, you will encounter wild sandalwood horses roaming free. You also have access to one of the last authentic animistic villages in the world.

By all accounts, Sumba is home to one of the best hotels in the world, and one that marries cutting edge design and purpose. Nihi, the most lavish accommodation on the island, rewards tourists willing to make the trek. When you arrive, you get everything from luxurious experiences to opportunity to contribute to the local community development. Nihi Sumba achieves luxury while preserving the unique local culture.

Big Personalities

Nihi is, without a doubt, one of the ultimate purposeful luxury hotels in the world. Chris Burch, the famous investor turned luxury hotelier, partnered with James McBride, of NYC’s The Carlyle Hotel. Burch’s vision is that his hotel would not only be up to the highest standards, but also prioritize sustainable traditional local architecture. Additionally, Nihi is meant to respect the local culture, and empower the local population through the Sumba Foundation. It’s no surprise that over 90% of the hotel workforce is Sumbanese.

The Nihi Sumba Experience

On the property, guests will find Nihi’s own organic garden, chicken farm, sandalwood stables. There is even a chocolate factory. Adventure seekers can take advantage of the wide array of activities offered at the resort. This includes surfing, swimming with horses, pickleball, and a waterfall trek. For those looking for something more relaxing, an average day includes brunch overlooking the rice fields.

Nihi also offers interested visitors the opportunity to learn about the unique local culture and tour the Sumba Foundation. You can participate in English lessons with local children provided by the Foundation staff. You can also visit the local villages’ markets to both buy souvenirs and support the locals.

A Place to Rest Your Head

The secluded hotel offers luxury villas with one to four bedrooms, private pool and ocean view. Rooms overlook a pristine beach with high caliber surf. Traveling with a group? The owner’s estate may be just what you need. There are six villas offering ample space for entertaining as well as a lap pool and cold plunge pool for those looking to remain active on holiday. Looking for something even more private? Ask us about the secret villa.

More to Come with Nihi Sumba

 The famous hotelier is also expanding the Nihi hotel collection to other hot destinations. These will include Flores and Rote (Indonesia), and in Costa Rica shortly. In other words, your future travel goals list.

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