Johnny Depp in Cannes

Julia Paino, Contributor

The annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off May 16th, and as expected, it is as star-studded as ever. It’s not only films that will debut this film festival though. Johnny Depp officially returned to the big screen with his starring role as King Louis XV in Jeanne du Barry. The film’s premier party was held at the Carlton Cannes, which itself makes a debut. After a 2 year closure and almost $380 million later, this is where to find Johnny Depp in Cannes.

The Reopening of Carlton Cannes

The Carlton Cannes opened in 1911, and stood as a Grand Dame hotel on the croisette in Cannes since. The phrase if those walls could talk may just have been inspired by the Carlton. From Grace Kelly meeting the Prince of Monaco at the Carlton Cannes, to a trashed hotel room by a certain rocket man, it’s been the site of many a party, and even a $137 million diamond heist during its history. However, with many an iconic hotel, there comes a point that they need a refresh. That point came about two years ago when the Carlton Cannes closed for renovation to the tune of $380 million. So what does that chunk of change buy you? Here’s a first look.

Inside the new Carlton Cannes

With all of the renovations to the Carlton Cannes, it actually is a surprise that is only took two years to complete. They were not messing around with the $380 million, which included a total gut renovation of the rooms, designed by interior designer Tristan Auer and architect Richard Lavelle. The new hotel has 332 rooms plus 37 residences in two brand new wings. The rooms now have a serene and clean color palate, but they retained many of the original bones and deco heritage of the building. Within the private courtyard, they built the largest infinity pool in Cannes. It was clear they weren’t playing either, with the 90,000 square feet of fitness and spa. With its location in the heart of the croisette in Cannes, the Carlton is set for the next 50 years or so.

Cannes Film Festival Party Central

This week, the Carlton isn’t only where to find Johnny Depp in Cannes, but also a slew of other celebrities. On May 16th, the Carlton hosted the official opening dinner of the Cannes Film Festival. It’s where the likes of honoree Michael Douglas and his family gathered, in addition to Johnny Depp, in Cannes. Johnny Depp’s film, Jeanne du Barry actually also had their film opening party after the grand gala at the Carlton. It was a double header for Johnny Depp in Cannes at the Carlton. Chances are he’s back there again, if it’s not his home base for the festival. The Carlton Cannes is where the heart of many of the parties and informal gatherings are at for the film festival.

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