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Jeff Bezos’ Yacht

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez

You can tell a lot about a person, by the size of their……boat. That’s certainly the case with Jeff Bezos’ yacht, a 417 foot sailing vessel, which is now officially the largest yacht in the world. The boat was inaugurated the Koru, which is Maori for new beginnings. We would say that a baller boat is a pretty good start to an epic summer.

The Specs of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht

Jeff Bezos’ yacht is the tallest sailing yacht in the world, at 230 feet high. As the largest yacht in the world in its category, it has three decks and three massive masts, that make it energy efficient to rely more on wind than gas. There is room on board for 18 (extremely lucky) guests, who are looked after by 40 staff. There’s a massive pool on one of the decks, but don’t expect to find the helicopter landing pad on Jeff Bezos’ yacht. Instead his helicopter parking spots are on the 250 foot support boat. Yes, you read that right. The support boat, loaded up with the cars, helicopters, and toys, which is essentially Jeff Bezos’ yacht’s parking garage, is larger than most yachts. Clearly it’s nice to be the third richest human being on earth.

Where Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Should Travel this Summer

Koru officially set sail with Jeff Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez this May in Spain. It’s hard to pass up the Balearic Islands anytime of the year, but this time in particular you get the authenticity versus riffraff of party islands like Ibiza. Mallorca and Menorca are also pure bliss before the throngs of tourists come onto their shores in July and August. In addition to Spain, this is where we would send Jeff Bezos this summer on Koru.

Cheval Blanc St. Tropez-feature

St. Tropez

We have to start with low-hanging fruit, as it’s almost guaranteed that Jeff Bezos’ yacht will find its way to St. Tropez this summer. St Tropez is the playground of Europe, where it’s all about the beach clubs, rosé and evening debauchery. Sometimes, you just need that release to enjoy yourself, and it’s impossible to do otherwise in St. Tropez. Someone with the largest yacht in the world in its category clearly did something right to deserve an outlet for pure fun.


The only way to experience Sardinia in real luxury is by boat. The hotels are surprisingly not at the luxury level of other comparable destinations in Europe. They fully charge though like they are, because in absence of the boat, that’s the price to pay for a place that’s like Eden. This is where the beautiful people make a stop every summer, and where the largest yacht in the world in its category will be in good company.


Out of all the places on the list, Corsica is the one that the exceptionally well-traveled know is a special destination. The French will even tell you that Corsica may be the most beautiful place in France, even though at heart Corsica is Italian. The largest yacht in the world in its class, will absolutely meet the other largest yachts in the world in Corsica. Queen Bey even had her secret 40th Birthday on the beach of Domaine Murtoli in Corsica. And if it’s good enough for Beyonce.

splendido yacht


What we love about Portofino is that even in the height of tourist season, it’s still a chill and low-key place. The town itself is a quaint little gem of a place. There are no real clubs, or scene-y restaurants. Instead, you’ll find charming, family owned places and some of the most beautiful views in Italy. Any stop in Portofino isn’t complete unless you’re at Belmond’s Hotel Splendido, at least for a dinner. Splendido has seen pretty much anyone who has the largest yacht in the world in their class pass through their doors.


Book Your Boat

We highly doubt that Jeff Bezos’ yacht is going to be for public charter, even though it requires $25 million annually just to maintain. However, you don’t need the largest yacht in the world to have a good time this summer or even into September and early October. Message us at [email protected] and we’ll dial you into the best yachts on the market.

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