Brad Pitt’s Gin

Brad Pitt's Gin

It’s not just movies that premiere at Cannes. If you’re Brad Pitt, your gin gets its own premiere too. Yes,  you read that right, Brad Pitt’s The Gardener Gin, debuted at the Carlton bar for the movie festival. So, what does BP know about gin? Well, he knocked it out of the park with Chateau Miraval, which is one of the best roses out there. Our bet is chances are, Brad Pitt’s gin will follow suit.

The Brad Pitt Empire

He doesn’t need to do anymore to prove himself as more than an actor (he has wine and skin care brands), but he nonetheless ventures into the world of gin. Set to debut at Cannes, Brad Pitt’s gin, The Gardener, becomes the next celebrity gin brand to take on the market. While it’s London Dry style, the brand takes inspiration  from the French Rivera, hence the brand’s launch at re-opening of Cannes’ Carlton Hotel.

About The Gardener Gin

Brad Pitt’s gin venture, The Gardener, is in partnership with Famille Perrin, his long-time collaborators with his renowned Miraval wines.  The Gardener gin has a traditional grain base with juniper, licorice, angelica, and coriander. Orange and grapefruit botanicals round out the flavor giving the gin a distinctly French profile. The grain is settled in copper stills by Tom Nichols, which takes significance because he once produced Tanqueray gin. It should be no surprise that Brad Pitt’s gin has the best team behind it.

The company calls itself  “a melding of lush greens and brilliant golds, laced through with an unconventional blend of both fresh and dry citruses.” Ingredients added to the gin have been grown in the French Rivera, which they company also says is a place “blessed by Gods.” As a result, one cocktail may transport you to a place you long to be. Or, it’ll just be a damned good cocktail.

Brad Pitt’s gin just debuted on May 16th at the Carlton Hotel, during the  Cannes Film Festival. The brand will come to stores in September. In the meantime, you can try Emma Watson’s gin. Or Ryan Reynold’s. We soon shall see whose gin is best.

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