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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

London Celebs - The Beckhams

Chances are if you have a cosmopolitan city with glamour, restaurants, and luxury hotels, you’ll find a celebrity soon enough. Or, in the case of London, a few hundred of them who hang out at private clubs, spas, and chic restaurants. Where celebs stay in London though, can tell you a lot about their personalities. So these are the places, where the top of London’s food chain pulls up for a nightcap, before heading up to bed.

The Playground for the Rich and Famous

London is a playground for the famous, so it’s only natural that celebs roll through town frequently. Where celebs stay, and where they eat while in town, is a fascinating study. Whether its the Ivy for dinner before a show, or Soho House, which is where Meghan and Harry met, celebs go to the best places. That’s not even including the ultra private dinner parties, which is engrained in their culture. So with all the private clubs, private rooms and private dinner parties, the best place to celeb spot in London are the posh hotels. If you’re in town, you might be able to catch Justin Bieber, or a Kardashian leaving these hotels. Here’s where celebs stay in London.

The Hotel: The Langham

Who stays: Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and Selena Gomez

The Overview

Let it be known that if Selena Gomez told us to jump off a bridge, we would strongly consider the order. Luckily though, all she needs to do is check into a hotel, and we’re game to check it out. It’s only befitting that with her star power, she, along with Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie, stay at The Langham. The Langham is a top tier luxurious hotel, that is best described as regal. Opening in 1865, the hotel has been one of London’s grandest for 150 years. It’s a hotel that is popular for where celebs stay in London.

The lobby impresses with formidable large marble columns and chandeliers. Of the 333 rooms, about a hundred offer access to the private Langham Club. The private paparazzi free space is one of the top reasons the Langham is where celebs stay in London. Also, the personalized butler service you get when you stay in a top suite, helps too.

The rooms are stately and comfortable, and upper tiered rooms offer private terraces, huge closets, and a baby grand piano if you’re in the penthouse. However, its the location on the West End, right in the heart of shopping central and the picture worthy building are what captures A-list stars, again and again. It’s no surprise that the coolest parts of town are where celebs stay in London.

Chiltern Firehouse London

Who stays: Eddie Redmayne, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper

The Overview

The Chiltern Firehouse has been on celebrity radar for about a decade, and it’s still a challenge to book a room. It’s easy to see why this is where celebs stay in London, with its cool vibe and high attention to design. The converted firehouse has only 26 rooms and each is elegant, chic and tastefully decorated. It breaks away from the traditional luxury and offers a more bold, sexy place to stay. Also, the hotel doesn’t miss on the details. Floors are heated, robes are monogrammed, fireplaces are working, and the service is unbeatable. It’s no surprise that this is where celebs stay in London because its hotelier, Andre Balazs, is like a celeb himself.

And if booking a room is too much trouble, the accompanying Michelin starred restaurant is just the spot to watch the beautiful people roll through. The courtyard vibe makes it the perfect place for drinks or brunch, and the food of course is tops.

The Hotel: Rosewood London

Who stays: Oprah Winfrey, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber

The Overview

The Rosewood has a knack, where every hotel they touch turns into an elegant enclave of luxury. So when Rosewood arrived in town, the hotel became the place where celebs stay in London. When you walk into the hotel, you immediately feel like you’re in a traditional yet modern English manor home. The living room and dining spaces are vast with all sorts of corners to tuck away in, away from prying eyes. If you’re after a celebrity sighting, stick around for the afternoon tea which draws the notable guests to the Mirror Room. The tea experience blends traditional tea with artful gastronomy. So even if you don’t see an actual celebrity, you will no doubt feel like one.

As you would expect from where celebs stay in London, the rooms, especially the suites, are impressive. Rosewood is known for their attention to detail, where every book, cocktail shaker and custom bar, is carefully selected. All rooms have king sized beds and enough room to feel like the royal guest you who stay at the Rosewood. In fact, room size is one of this the Rosewood’s biggest flexes. The Manor House Wing has its own postal code.


The Corinthia

Who stays: Maura Higgins, Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig

The Overview

When two men on People’s Sexiest Man Alive list stay at a hotel, you have to take notice. No, this isn’t the Connaught, or the Berkeley, or the Bulgari. Where celebs stay in London includes  The Corinthia. This is clearly a luxury hotel, but surprisingly, it’s not over the top on any pomp and circumstance. It’s also not the most expensive luxury hotel, and often there’s good value in the room rates. So, it’s pretty telling about a celeb’s personality, when they choose the Corinthia.

With that said, this is a beautiful, classic and elegant London hotel. The building has historic character with views of the Thames and elegant courtyard gardens. The spa though is especially impressive. The Corinthia has four floors of treatment rooms where celebrities go to keep them looking the part.

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