Travel Like Angelina Jolie

All we can say is, Angelina has game. Where do you go from Brad Pitt? Well, apparently, The Weeknd. And lately, she’s been traveling up a storm with her brood — movie premieres, recycled dresses — clearly living her best life. Here’s where you, too, can travel like Angelina Jolie and her crew.


If there’s one thing we can count on with Angie (as her friends call her), it’s that she’s going big or she’s going home. Family vacations are no all-inclusive-resort affairs. Instead, Angelina takes the whole clan for scenic boat rides in Venice. In between looking like a perpetual model and visiting art galleries, she took her kids to visit other famous artists and pop stars in the area, giving them a complete cultural experience. And once a Hollywood star, always a Hollywood star. The actress showed off her insider knowledge of the neighborhood where she lived while filming a movie in 2010.

The Hotel: Cipriani

How do you travel like Angelina Jolie? You pick classic, opulent hotels. We’re all for bringing your kids to the most expensive hotel. If you’re a baby Jolie, you deserve to grow up with style. The Cipriani is one of the most stunning hotels in Venice and always has the best vibe. We know you know it, but it doesn’t hurt to mention all the celeb spotting you can do there.

europe open to americans

There’s a pattern emerging with Angelina’s travels. Notably, she rarely leaves her flock behind and never changes travel plans for her children. At a family dinner at La Girafe, Angie’s stilettos were upstaged only by daughter Zahara’s vibrant green maxi. At the Guerlain store, the mother-daughter duo walked hand in hand looking exquisite. The Champs-Élysées may as well be their runway.

The Hotel:
Le Meurice

If you’re getting swarmed by the paps every time you leave your hotel, you might as well stay at one of the bet. Le Meurice has an impeccable location right across from the Tuileries. And as Salvador Dali’s once home and former setting of Picasso’s dinner parties, the location is decidedly high-enough caliber for the Jolie clan. Paris has some of the best hotels in the world, though, and we have plenty of options for you.

New York Crowd
New York

Who says you can’t vacation in your own backyard when traveling like Angelia? Angie loves New York so much that she chose to bring the whole family there for her birthday. Maybe at 46, she wanted to keep the day low key, but we’re pretty sure she doesn’t age anyway. At any rate, the fam enjoyed their summer trip to the city. Sources suggest she may have even had some time to herself, too, as her kids were seen taking themselves out to eat.

The Hotel:
The Carlyle

While we personally prefer to take a weekend outside the city, the Cali natives enjoyed staying in the middle of the madness at the Carlyle. The Rosewood hotel on the Upper East has unbeatable views of Central Park. Everything about the hotel is super-posh and sophisticated, so we definitely understand why Angelina wanted to stay there.

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