New Luxury Hotels in Paris

Joelle Mentis, Writer

News alert: Paris is back, and it’s sparkling in all its City of Lights glory. Restaurants hark back to the days when France reigned supreme on the culinary scene. Parisians are more fashionable and people-watching-worthy than ever. Yes, we’re even seeing a run on Chanel, much like an old Kmart blue light special (with slightly higher price tags, of course). And then there’s the hotel scene, which is scorching hot. There are some impressive new kids in town, giving you another reason to revisit. One is even shaking things up on Avenue George V, in a big way. Here’s your list of our new luxury hotels in Paris hotels to know about.

Cheval Blanc

The LVMH label is synonymous with luxury, and the new Cheval Blanc lives up to the mothership’s reputation. This new luxury hotel in Paris is set on the Seine in the former La Samaritaine department store. The hotel has 72 rooms and suites designed by architect Peter Marino, who gives Cheval Blanc a unique contemporary and fresh approach. This isn’t a Grand Dame hotel that rests on tradition, but it may just establish itself as a luxury game changer in the long run.

Cheval Blanc is the place to see and be seen right now. Local Parisians toast Champagne at the brasserie-cum-cocktail bar, Le Tout-Paris, on the seventh floor. While you wouldn’t normally think of going to Paris for Italian food, you may reconsider with Langosteria, a fine dining Italian restaurant. As expected, you have all the luxury amenities at Cheval Blanc. However, since this is the LVMH group, the spa is not just any spa; it’s a Dior spa, and you know it’s going to be good when Dior is in charge.

J.K. Place Paris

Usually when in Paris, we say do everything French. But we make an exception for Italian hotel group J.K. Place. The team behind the Parisian hotel really knows what they’re doing. Rather than a hotel, J.K. Place Paris feels more like a tasteful home. In fact, the group spent years scouring the city to build this precise collection of art and decor. Upon entering, you immediately become one of those under-the-radar Parisian socialites who knows the best spot in town for a Negroni. Of course, the hotel has a gym, spa and cocktail bar where you can see and be seen. But the real allure are the completely bespoke rooms. Each one reflects a different mood and is furnished with special touches, from fireplaces to flowers. Check out our review from our last visit to J.K. Place Paris.

Hotel Costes

This is not a new hotel in Paris, but it did just open an entire new wing next door to the original. The new Costes addition might as well be a completely different hotel that you should consider a new luxury option when staying in Paris, but with all the perks of the original Costes restaurant and bar. Once called the city’s “epicenter of cool,” Hotel Costes is where on any given day, you’ll see Gigi, Bella and Kendall. Guests frequently dress to the nines for a casual afternoon lunch, which can span hours.

Three separate houses make up the new Costes, and each offers distinct design aesthetics. The original hotel still has the signature red velvet, heavy brocade and Baroque-inspired decor. However, the new wing channels bright, modern chic, with clean lines, white linens and minimalist architecture. No matter what part you stay in, though, it’s still distinctly Costes, including the signature scent by Olivia Giacobetti.

Airelles Château de Versailles Le Grand Contrôle

This isn’t technically in Paris proper, but it is in nearby Versailles, the playground of French royalty. The Airelles Château de Versailles Le Grand Contrôle recently opened, and it’s like the days of Louis XV have returned. For the first time in centuries, you can sleep like a king in the Palace of Versailles. The royal grounds and garden have long been a destination for tourists, but for the most part (unless you’re Kim and Kanye, who had their rehearsal dinner here), you could only walk around. This new hotel, however, changes that.

For a price, of course, which can be around $3,000/night. This grants you the opportunity to sleep in the period-inspired rooms and to take special before- and after-hours tours of the grounds. A full four years were dedicated to collecting the perfect antique pieces to decorate the rooms, each of which tells a distinct story. For example, the Necker Suite is named for the 18th-century minister of finance who lived in the building. You can also eat like French aristocracy, as Michelin-starred Chef Alain Ducasse creates feasts worthy of the court.

Bulgari Hotel Paris

The Bulgari Hotel Paris is not quite open yet, but it’s already one of the most talked-about new luxury hotels in Paris. In fact, it’s set to open any day now. The hotel is designed by renowned architects Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel. If you’ve stayed at Bulgari hotels before, then you know they’re lavish. All signs point to the Parisian spot living up to this reputation. It’s located on the famed Avenue George V, giving the Four Seasons George V some steep competition. The details are being kept close to the vest for now. But we do know there will be a buzzy bar, the gourmet dining spot Il Ristorante – Niko Romito, and a notable 82-foot pool (that’s pretty big). And the Parisian courtyard will be perfect for spring and summertime.

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