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Celebrity-Owned Vineyards

Joelle Mentis

Celebrity Travel Vineyard John Legend

What to do with that loose change in your couch cushions? Buy a vineyard, of course. Even better, if you’re a celebrity, all the work on the marketing front is done right out of the gates. These are celebrity-owned vineyards, and there’s some really good stuff on this list.

Why Be a Farmer?

After all the glitz and glamour, if you own a vineyard, you’re a farmer.  Some break into the industry (recently Post Malone) just wanting to make some enjoyable vino. While others see room in the market for something new, like Cameron Diaz.   Her new wine is organic, responsibly farmed and additive-free. Regardless of the intent, for decades, celebrities have owned their own vineyards.

fergie vineyard


The Vineyard:  In 2006, the singer-songwriter started Ferguson Crest, a private vineyard in Santa Ynez, California. Unfortunately for us, Fergie and family get the gorgeous views all to themselves.  But they do offer subscriptions to the Crest Club, which gets you to an autographed bottle of the season’s production, among other perks. Wine enthusiasts note that her wine is dainty, with notes of candied blackberry and black currant.

fergie vineyard


John Legend  

john legend vineyard

The Vineyard:  If you head to Napa, you can hit up Legend Vineyard Exclusive, John Legend’s partnership with Raymond Vineyards. The vineyard, which contains nearly 300 acres of grapevines, offers tours and other experiences. We would buy this for the bottling alone, which is darned pretty.  He’s not just a pretty face though.  Legend’s red is known to hold its own, with mild yet slight spice.

john legend wine vineyard


celebrity madonna

The Vineyard:  Ciccone Vineyard, is owned and operated by the singer and her father in Sutton Bay, Michigan.  Yes – you read that right – Michigan.  They make it worth your while to travel as they host some of the best experiences on a celebrity-owned vineyard. The 14-acre plot holds regular tasting groups and a traditional run called the Harvest Stampede. It is of note that the experience may be worth more than the taste, as her wine has been described as incredibly intense. Sort of like Madonna herself.

madonna vineyard

Francis Ford Coppola

francis ford coppola winery

This famous screenwriter, producer and director entered the wine business early, in 2006, and since opened multiple vineyards. He also owns hotels, so the Coppolas are full service.  He is the force to be reckoned with in Napa.   His most famous namesake vineyard is in Geyserville, California, and is home to a museum with artifacts from his legendary movies. His vineyards are open to the public, and his wine is noted to be big, beefy, and boldly tannic.

coppola wine vineyard


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the now-separated couple opened a drool-worthy vineyard in the south of France called Miraval. While they’re no longer together, Pitt and Jolie still own the vineyard.   After all, it’s a good investment, given their rosé is nearly at iconic status. Unfortunately, the property is private.  However buyers can indulge in the wine that critics note has a perfect balance of crisp fruitiness and acidity.

angelina jolie brad pitt wine

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