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Places to Spot Meryl Streep on Vacation

Joelle Mentis

We can’t have an Oscars issue, without honoring the Queen of the Oscars — Meryl Streep. Because Meryl has proven over and over again that she’s no one-hit wonder, at 21 Academy Award nominations and counting. It’s almost easier to tally up the years Meryl hasn’t been nominated at this point. These places are known for Meryl Streep spottings, where you, too, can vacation like an Oscar winner.


For her 70th birthday, Streep chose this verdant region in central Italy to enjoy away from the paps. When the news of her big day hit, it was the talk of the town, but Streep escaped the commotion  to settle in a sweet little Umbrian town.   Lovely rolling hills and lovelier people, as exactly where we expect Streep to vacation. Here, Etruscan ruins line narrow streets and Renaissance works of art are common finds.  Streep is a huge foodie, and Umbria has some of the best black truffles, tiramisu and full-bodied wines in the country.

For her birthday meal, she and her friends had a meal hand prepared by an Umbrian chefs. Reportedly, the food was unfussy and hyperlocal, just like Streep herself.  Umbria is one of the few places in Italy you can still find grandmothers making pasta by hand in their kitchens. And that’s exactly why Streep chose the region to ring in her big year. Truffle hunting isn’t just for Meryl though.  You too, can partake in the fall ritual, where we like the Hotel Brufani to call home.


Streep loves a good tropical getaway, but the low-key, high-profile actress doesn’t hit the usual spots like St. Barths. Instead, she and her husband head to a lesser-known, yet equally if not more luxurious, island in the Caribbean. Anguilla doesn’t have cruise ships or casinos you find on the other islands, so, like Umbria, it’s the perfect place for Streep to decompress. Unpaved roads lead not to high-rise hotels, but rather to smaller five-star resorts that have real connections to the land and the clear blue water. Though Anguilla is missing the noise of tourist life, it has no shortage of sounds, with one of the best live music scenes in the world. Streep joins Justin Bieber, Quincy Jones and Jimmy Buffett as a devotee of this unbeatable paradise.

Salisbury, Connecticut

When leaves the West Coast for the East, she favors this idyllic town on the opposite side of the country. Salisbury is a small, beautiful Connecticut town on the border of Massachusetts and New York that is filled with independent shops and restaurants. In 1989, Streep even bought the outfit she wore to the Academy Awards at a small boutique in town.

Pasadena, California

She is an A-lister, so of course, Meryl Streep has a place in Southern California. Pasadena is one of her hometowns. Located just 10 miles outside Los Angeles, it’s loved by many Oscar winners. Pasadena has on average 300 days of sunshine per year, and it isn’t right in the heart of LA. The region is more about the arts, culture and beautiful hiking trails. There is no shortage of activities for the whole fam, from shopping designer or thrift to dining at one of the healthy restaurants. Streep likely was drawn to the jazz music scene and gorgeous views of the San Gabriel Mountains.  When she does the Hollywood thing, she makes Pasadena her home sweet home.

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